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Celestia lay on her bed reading a book. It was actually really complex and hard to explain but dumbed down version a human woman falls in love with a merman. Uver all it was a nice relaxing peaceful day. It was one of those few days off team 1 actually got. But then that just had to get interrupted by yelling and screaming and banging. With an exasperated sigh Celestia put down her book. There was noway she could enjoy it with the racket, so she listened in to figure out what was going on.

"You cunt! You're sleeping with another man! In my bedroom! In my house! While I'm downstairs watching TV!" She could hear her father yelling.

"Hey come on. We can share can't we? I bet she'd be up for a threeway." Came another man's voice Celestia was not familar with. Obviously the man mom so foolishly brought home.

"I'm going to fucking beat the shit out of you!" Threatened her father.

Ohhhkay intervention time. Celestia leapt from her bed and rushed into the hallway where they were posing and yelling at each other. It appeared even mom was there not knowing what to do. She was kinda just standing to the side shy like not saying a word. How dumb, this was her mess. Celestia jumped between them before a fight could break out. "Ok, time to go random stranger." Celestia said attempting to push him out the front entrance. He was pushing back though and was stronger than she was so wasn't going to well for her. "Hey no wait, we can still make this work. Oh hey you're hotter than your mom. Let's make this work." Hey attempted to convince Celestia. She just gave him a are you freaking kidding me look. "Look you are either going out of here willing or unconscious, your choice."  

It was at this moment her mom decided to intervene between her and the random guy. "No don't hurt him." She pleaded. Now it was her mom's turn to get the are you freaking kidding me look. "Are you kidding. Did you take some of dad's drugs or something?" And now dad was stomping forward looking for a fight again. It was now or never. Weaving a hand sign Celestia channeled some chakra into her palm and stuck it right into the stranger's face releasing a large flash. She made sure the flash wouldn't hit any of her family members which may have been a mistake. As the stranger was crying out in pain her mom brought her right arm in a wide swing in to slap Celestia across the face. Under normal circumstances she'd just let it happen but with all the hard training from Haru sensei and all the personal crap she has been through lately. Something just snapped. This was the final straw. The chakra within Celestia surged breaking the transformation jutsu and turning her eyes red. Celestia caught her mother's arm mid slap and bared her fangs at her. The entire room went dead silent. Celestia's eyes turned back to green and she quickly reapplied her transformation jutsu as if that would fix the sudden outburst. "Mom I'm sorry. I..I..I" "Get out of here you monster! You're not my daughter." Mom said while pushing Celestia towards the door. "Mom no it's still me. I wouldn't hurt you I was going to tell you guys. I'm in control I just got frustrated." Celestia pleaded. "Get out! You don't belong here." "Fine I was sick of this garage dysfunctional abusive family anyway!" Celestia yelled storming out. The moment she walked out though she turned around and walked right back in. "Oh and if you tell anyone what you just saw I'm killing all of you!" Celestia then stormed out again. The moment Celestia walked out she transformed into her kitsune form all 9 tails and all.

It was pretty rare Celestia ever took this form. But every once in awhile when she didn't want to be recognized by anyone. Course the 9 tails still drew a lot of attention as well as her unique coloring. You might wonder how the heck does one ever find out they have an ability like that? Well this is actually what she transformed into when Kurama got sealed in her using the unique sealing technique. They were actually all scared she was stuck like this. But no turns out she could switch back and forth. However she couldn't use jutsu in this form which meant she couldn't hide her additional tails but whatever.

Celestia jumped up to one of the tallest buildings and stared up into the night sky. It always found a way to calm her. Wait was that sensei walking around down there? Jumping between rooftops Celestia would get a little closer but then Haru disappeared inside a home. She wondered if that was sensei's home. An odd urge over came her. What all that was going on and how alone and scared she was right now being near sensei felt like the safest place. It comforted her just as sensei had always been there for her. Celestia jumped down and decided to lay down on her door step and stare up at the stars. The urge to sing or rather howl overcame her. She had the unique ability in her singing to transfer images and emotions through her singing and she couldn't help but do just that.
She only sang/howled for about 2 minuets before putting her head down and attempting to sleep.


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Haru walked along the streets of Konoha at night, the Uchiha would be carrying a huge grocery bag, tied in a knot and slung over her shoulder. She would walk with a casual pace; thinking about everything she'd been through lately. Her new team, her sudden rise in popularity. All of it was quite annoying to her; as all she wanted to do was protect the village from harm. As she walked; street lights would pass over her one at a time during her movement.

Several jonin she passed would salute her as she did so and she would nod with a small smile toward them each in acknowledgment. She wondered if she were still a jonin herself how the green jacket would fit now as she'd grown since becoming an Elder.

She would close her eyes and think on her family. Her two brothers, and one sister. With her at the top as the oldest. She wondered if she should pay them a visit; she hadn't been back or called in since one of her brother's passed away on an ANBU mission....thus, she'd risen in rank as a shinobi through her nonstop diligence and seemingly unending drive and work ethic. Although, through her boys and girls; she'd learn to stop being so cold. Just a little. To relax more and enjoy herself. She wondered if the night would go by as easily as it would normally or if she was going to run into some kind of trouble. She'd given the genin the day off as they'd earned it over the past several weeks with their hard training. She had a feeling she'd done well turning them into shinobi so far. Each of them could be considered dangerous, yet smart in their own way. Success as far as she was concerned.

She would walk up to a house, nicely gated but not overly big. It had a sort of rounded roof that was a light red almost orange like color. It had nice clean windows, and looked kind of like a modern place on the outside. She would walk up to it, and put her hand on her door and the door knob would unlock with a sealing jutsu as the letters would crawl up the knob and onto her hand before moving on her hand and disappearing. The door would unlock as she turned it; no key used, just a sealing jutsu.

She would step inside as the black carpet and red curtains took over the view. A fireplace. A bar with SEVERAL bottles unopened; a kitchen that was all but pristine. The black carpet on her feet felt amazing after she'd taken off her shoes with a simple "flip flip". With a stretched she took off her white Uchiha jacket; her hefty D cups shown wrapped up in a type of combat bandage and her mid riff open. She would stance with her legs apart and touch the ground with both hands in a stretch.

As she did so; her ponytail would hit the floor as she breathed and relaxed. Doing this several times, she would perform some hand signs and shoot a baseball sized fireball into her fireplace as it lit up with a 'whoosh' causing Haru to do a 'score' type sign with only her hand and continued her stretches reaching downward.

As she did so for the second time about three reps in she started to hear a frankly BEAUTIFUL song outside. This didn't bother her, actually it helped. She thought maybe one of her neighbors was playing some music as she continued her stretching dips. However, on one dip; her ponytail was shown hitting the floor as she looked through her legs upside down; she would realize it was coming from right outside. A somewhat cute face for her let off a 'hmmm?" as she curiously would listen as she stood up. She would adjust the bandages around her boobs to attempt to show less incase it was some kind of company or something. She would then walk barefoot across her carpet onto the tile near the door and peer through it.

She couldn't really see anything; but near the door she heard the song quite loudly. It was definitely right out side. Maybe some genin playing a prank with a boom box or something; but it sounded like an animal of some kind, a rhythmic howling of some sort. With a small smile but a serious look; she opened the door.

Looking one was there. However as the song ended she looked downward and made eye contact with....the most beautiful fox she'd ever seen. Kneeling down in front of it, she slowly reached a hand out to pet it. Not sure if it was wild or not. However, as she did manage to pet it on the neck; her fingernails massaging through the fur; she made eye contact with the beast. These eyes.

Several flashes of her having lunch and dinner with the Team was shown, Celestia's eyes flashing a few time in the vision as she was shown looking into the black furred and green eyed beast again.

"Celestia.......???" slowly she would wrap her arms around the fox, and lift it up. A little bigger than an average dog; but no heavier than a big one. She would carry her into her house and sit on her plush red couches with Celestia in her lap. She ran her hands over her back, and even scratched her ears a few times before moving her off of her lap properly to get a good look at her. "What.........what happened. Why are you like this are you alright?" expecting her to be able to talk in this form, she was surprised when she didn't. "...........You're welcome to stay like that as long as you like." she stopped short of saying 'I love you all the same' because that wasn't the type of thing that Haru would say easily; to anyone so as not to have any advantage over her. But she did think it.

After a bout ten minutes of silence, Haru merely sitting on the couch both feet on it. Watching TV as the news showed several updates from other villages even, happenings around the different nations; Haru would eventually turn to Celestia.

"........You're out late. Something happened at home didn't it?" she would turn toward her only briefly before looking away into the fire. "If you need could always call this home." she would look at her once again, waiting for a response before looking away again. Turning away from the TV as she stood up, she would pace with her arms behind her back. Stopping in front of the window and opening the blinds with a few fingers to see if anyone was outside. No one. She wasn't followed....yet.

"Well......." she would say with her back turned before turning and facing her with a serious expression; but somehow her eyes had a softer look than usual about them. Due to the fact that she knew something was horribly wrong. Although she didn't know what. Speaking of things she didn't know.

She would glance briefly at the black diamond tattoo in her palm. She would flex her fingers a few times. The tattoo had appeared after a vivid dream about some white robed individuals, with white hair and white eyes. She didn't know what it meant; but no one had truly thought anything of it. Perhaps they thought it was just a tattoo she'd chosen to get for some reason. However, Haru knew there was more to it than that.
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Celestia wasn't sure how she didn't hear Haru approaching or the door opening. Perhaps she had been too focused on her singing. As she was staring up at the stars Haru's face came in blocking the view of the stars. 'Oh crap!' Celestia was worried about her reaction but it she quickly relaxed when she realized Haru was more intrigued maybe even mesmerized than anything else. She even bent down and reached a hand out. Celestia was confused about what she was doing but didn't even begin to think she was aiming to hurt her. She probably shouldn't have been very surprised when Haru started petting her, but she was. What was even more surprising was how good it felt. How long had it been since she'd had any affectionate contact? Physical touch was very important to Celestia but since she didn't trust anyone and was hiding a secret from everyone. Celestia couldn't even remember the last hug she had.

The two ended up making eye contact and next thing she knew "Celestia.......???"
'What! HOW!?!?' Celestia screamed internally. Haru then just up and picked Celestia up bringing her inside the home. What the crap was actually happening right now? Even with Haru knowing or wondering? Nah after Haru had picked her up she had a look of complete certainty somehow. So even with Haru knowing it was Celestia she started petting the fox. And despite Celestia's confusion she ended up melting into it, the kitsune's tails fluttering behind her as Haru scratched behind her ears. Ok Celestia didn't care how awkward this was anymore, she could get use to it. There was a lot of comfort being held by Haru. Comfort and safety.

Just as Celestia was really getting into it though Haru removed her from her lap so she could initiate a conversation. Starting with only just now asking what had happened. Maybe Haru enjoyed that little interaction as much as Celestia had. That would be an interesting mutual benefit. Add one more secret to the list, being Haru's pet kitsune. Back to the question at hand Celestia just dropped her head down on the cushion and huffed out her nose. Back to reality. What Haru said next though shocked the crap out of Celestia. Was this really her hardass of a sensei.  "You're welcome to stay like that as long as you like." Haru just accepted her on the spot in this form. Celestia didn't even think she could do that if the roles were reversed. Wait actually this sounded just like sensei. She'd still find a way to train the crap out of her as she was now.

Haru thankfully left her alone for a little bit after that, watching TV as Celestia mulled over her own thoughts. Eventually though Haru demanded answers but in a caring way.....while also inviting her to call this her new home WHAT! Haru really was amazing. Celestia wanted to decline out of politeness but at this point it would end up being rude. Did she want to live here? She didn't really have a home anymore and since her ex-family took all her money she was basically broke. There was a lot of good going on here and Celestia wanted to explore it.  

"Well......." Celestia really didn't think she'd have to switch forms again so soon, she hadn't exactly brought her clothing. Not that she cared about being naked in front of another woman but this whole situation was already a little awkward. If Celestia was estimating right they seemed to have the same bust size if they shared at least a similar band size she could borrow a bra and some other clothing. Nah asking that would be awkward too. Screw it, grab a sheet or blanket and roll with it! Celestia did just that sliding under the nearest blanket and shifting back to her humanoid form and using the blanket as cover. All but one of her tails disappeared and before long she was back in her mostly human form. She didn't bother putting a transformation jutsu on so her ears and tail and everything was on full display. Not that Haru would bat an eye. It was really different for Celestia though just accepting it and not trying to hide it. Well to be clear she didn't mind her lost humanity in a sense and even had a newfound appreciation for her kitsune form. She loved her tail/tails and the enhanced senses were also a nice treat.....most the feeling closer to Kurama physically was nice. She was pretty sure that was part of the reason they had such a close bond.

Celestia laughed nervously. "Hi." She then took in a deep breath. It would probably be best to give Haru the big picture. "I only really became a shinobi because I happened to have a talent for it and it would be a good way to earn money for the family. They are probobly going to lose the apartment now since I won't be giving them anymore money. Anyways dad has been a long time drug addict and mom cheats on dad like every week. I'm pretty sure mom took some of dad's drugs cuz she wasn't acting normal today. She brought one of the guys she slept with home and dad got really pissed, naturally but if I didn't cut in he'd probably kill the guy. Not even joking. This guy was absolutely crazy too. He wanted to have like a 4 way with all of us or something sick like that. Anyways I tried pushing him out but he didn't want to leave and mom didn't want him to leave either so I started using force and mom slapped me. Or at least she tried. I kinda snapped using some of my strength to block her strike and broke my transformation jutsu by accident. Mom didn't take it well and disowned me and cast me out. Called me a monster." Cele said between sobs near the end.
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She then witnessed a transformation; a kind of transformation that she'd never seen before. It was more like as shapeshift; as after grabbing a hold of a towel Celestia shifted back into her normal form. Haru would raise an eyebrow at this; what type of Sealing Technique was used to make her a Jinchuuriki? It definitely wasn't normal for one to be able to do this. Maybe partial transformations of the body parts was possible, but she'd never heard of someone turning into the same animal that their Bijuu was. This had to be something entirely new or not well known rather.

As she left her to ponder her offer, Haru would move near the window again and put her hands behind her back. Family, it was important. A good reason for her own inner strength now. Without it, Celestia might grow to think that she only needed to protect herself or become jaded towards those with people who cared about them. That was not something Haru thought should happen. Especially when that person contained the Nine Tailed Demon Fox within them. It was important she had a feeling of being loved. It was important for everyone, but especially so for Celestia.

When she finally did break down the situation to Haru, the Uchiha could only look at her with a somewhat somber expression while she talked about it. Haru slowly would make her way over to her bar overlooking her kitchen as Celestia continued to break the situation down. Even popping a cork on a wine bottle as she did so. Making her way back over; she had two glasses between her fingers; expertly pouring and as she corked it back she set the glasses down on the table and moved in for an extended arm which she put on Celestia's shoulder. She would look deep into her eyes and then tell her only one phrase.

"Getting back up is harder than falling down....but it's more important." she said this with a nod and hand on her shoulder; then taking it off. "Well....I suppose we'll have to stop by your place and pick up your things.....I promise I'll behave." she said this in her usual serious tone; it was hard to tell when Haru was joking as her monotone sometimes threw people off. But as her student she would know it by now after the last few weeks.

"To be sounds like neither of them are in a good place." she knew that people sometimes hit rock bottom. In one way or another. Perhaps it was time for her to strike out on her own; she was almost twenty one now after all. " here with me you'll be privy to a lot of information you wouldn't usually get as a Genin. You'll need to be sworn to secrecy amongst the other Elders as well." since this was going to be a breach of protocol, she'd need to clear it. A Genin living with an Elder was unheard of. Even the 7th Hokage was bought his own place to stay by the 3rd Hokage rather than have the young orphan live with him. However, Haru held significant sway as the youngest Elder and it wouldn't be too hard to explain the situation.

"First...copy these hand seals." she would perform a complex array of 10 hand seals, hidden ones. Celestia had been her student for a few weeks now; and her hand seal recognition was likely through the roof due to not only her teammates using an array of jutsu, but Haru in her spare time drilling each sign into her. Tiger, Boar, Rat; they knew them all. When she was done a bunch of writing would appear all over the house; and on the walls, windows, and doors. The symbols would creep all over Celestia's skin and then disappear.

She now would have access to the house as soon as she did the last hand sign for this Barrier Ninjutsu that only Haru knew.

"Should we sleep tonight or stay up and raid your house...perhaps clean it out." she walked past Celestia to her wine glass and took a sip. Still comfortable with her bust in combat tape; no shoes on. For once, she would actually reach to let her ponytail down. With a simple twit and pull undoing the knot at the base; long black hair would flow down past her shoulders and down her back. She would stand, still not looking at her and say only. "Well? If the situation is too fresh; we could always head there tomorrow...but I'm not one for procrastination."

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Apparently Haru wanted to head over to Celestia's old place and gather her things. Something Celestia wasn't too stoked about. Along the same lines of moving in Haru mentioned having access to information a genin wouldn't have access to. Celestia couldn't help but be a little dramatic in response to that. "Well I guess it's fortunate I already know a few secrets huh. Like for example the original nine tails jinchuuriki being sealed within a young girl using a unique and powerful sealing technique. But they decided they wanted to keep her condition secret due to the physical alterations it caused her so they sealed the other half of the nine tails in a young boy using a more traditional technique and let him be known as the official village jinchuuriki." Celestia said in a cheeky tone and sticking her tongue out at the end. Actually she knew a secret the elders of the village would love to get their hands on. She could even probably negotiate an instant promotion for that kind of information. Celestia cared too much about Minx to even humor that idea though. That was up to Minx if she ever wanted to tell anyone. Celestia would go to the grave with that secret. She understood better than anyone else what would happen if it got out.

"First...copy these hand seals." Haru instructed. Jeez she really jumped around topics a lot. Celestia knew to do what she was told and did so without question. Only after preforming it did Celestia understand what happened since Haru didn't offer any explanation course she probobly felt she didn't need to with all the writing appearing and making it obvious. She had essential just been given access to the house. Permission to enter without Haru present. It really sunk in how big of a deal this was and that it was happening.

"Should we sleep tonight or stay up and raid your house...perhaps clean it out." Celestia really didn't want to go back. Once an action plan had been brought up though Haru really didn't like sitting around. If something needed to be done then it was best to get it done right away. That was her philosophy. "I don't really have many belongings since we didn't have much money and my brother would just steal all my stuff anyway. But some clothing would be nice since I'll need to show up for training at some point. Plus we should probably make sure they don't talk about what happened. They probably won't take my threat very seriously."

Very reluctantly Celestia would get herself ready borrowing some of Haru's clothing, using the transformation jutsu, and they would head to her house. Celestia debated knocking since she already felt like she didn't live here anymore didn't belong here. But they were grabbing her stuff regardless if they were invited or not so knocking might even be inappropriate for their intentions. Celestia just walked right inside. Her parents were nowhere to be found though. It wasn't till Celestia headed up the stairs to where her room was that she heard....all three of them having sex what the actual hell? Nope, there was no hesitation any more. Screw them. Her dad probobly wasn't even her real dad, he certainly never acted like it. She couldn't think of one good thing her parents had done for her aside from a roof and scrapes of food and even then she had to find her own food often enough. The only reason things had been looking so good was because she was bringing in the money after becoming a shinobi and wouldn't allow dad to use it for his drugs or mom her dates. Celestia went in her room and bagged up her clothing and hygiene products and that library mermaid book she needed to return soon. She was ready to get out of there though there was still the issue of making sure they didn't talk.

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After Celestia copied her handseals perfectly, Haru would watch as the house covered in Fuiinjutsu and Barrier Ninjutsu; the latter being one of her specialties. The sealing symbols would appear on her skin all over, even her face and then fade away. With a deep inhale and an exhale; Haru relished the moment that she gained a new sister, more of a niece as she looked over the sixteen year old.

For the next hour or so; Haru would give Celestia a tour of the house. Truth be told, it was a nice place. Compared to her families simple Japanese style home; which was primarily wood. This place was more modern and plush. She would show Celestia her room, and tell her "This space is yours....I expect it to be fully decorated within the week." she said giving her the usual small smile as she moved into the room briefly, allowing her to look at the long; spacious room. It already had a map of the world and various nations on the wall; and a rather huge guest bed.

When they were all finished, the topic of clothing came up as Haru briefly put a hand to her chin in thought. With a solemn nod with her eyes closed; she opened up her closet to Celestia. It had a bunch of the same Uchiha outfit in a huge row hung up on hangers. Then it had regular street clothing hanging in another huge row, with a bunch of different styled shoes; lots of sandals since Haru fancied them.

Eventually when Celestia was dressed, Haru would throw one of her white Uchiha jackets back on and put her still let down hair into her usual ponytailed style.

"Well....this isn't an official mission but. In and out without causing too much commotion." Haru really didn't want to meet Celestia's family just yet; not on a night like this. Things were too volatile. As they left the house, two jonin would run up across her yard as they stopped just short of the two on the front porch.

"Uchiha Haru, we received a report that Barrier and Sealing Jutsus had been activated at your place of residence from the Sensory division....are you safe? You and your genin?" he said as he nodded toward Celestia at the end. She had acquired a good bit of fame just being a member of Team 1; so both these guys recognized and knew who she was.

"Ah yes, that was me giving her access to the house...she'll be staying here for awhile. A lot to learn after all." Haru said this, a master of wordplay and deception. She'd made it seem as if it were temporary instead of revealing details. Yet, the truth was still told.

"What an honor!" the other Jonin said, obviously smitten with Haru who maintained her usual serious face. Only raising an eyebrow at the comment. "Please allow us to escort you to young Celestia's house!" he would say as he stiffed up and did a SUPER formal bow for such an occasion. Raising both eyebrows now Haru would only nod, looking to Celestia once with a nod and a signal for the to set off. Konoha was peaceful tonight, businesses were open but not too much traffic in the city as it was getting kind of late.

The glow of stores and houses shone down, as the weather was little chilly. People were still winding down from the new year beginning; and some were still celebrating as they walked past a few groups of people enjoying themselves and socializing, not to mention some cheers from inside stores and restaurants.

When they finally reached the place, Haru would look to her left at the girl and back to the house. So many memories of hers were held here in this place. She wondered how much bad outweighed the good. Waiting to see if Celestia would be fine going in, she was pleasantly surprised when her newfound determination showed itself yet again. Was she rubbing off on the young girl? She hoped so in some ways, and hoped not in others.

"You two wait here...." as they went inside, she looked around at the place. It seemed kind of messy, and there was some alcohol around. Haru picked up a beer and sniffed it once to see how old it was as she was a heavy drinker herself when not on official business. However, this beer didn't seem like something she wanted at the moment. Making a face she would follow Celestia to her room, wondering how many times she'd gone up and down these stairs...and now, the final time.

With her hands behind her back; she would step into the room and look around. Watching her pack her bags, although she couldn't see it. Haru actually got a somber, yet happy look on her face watching Celestia leave the past behind. It took guts. The kind that some people didn't have. Many people missed opportunity in life because they were too afraid to pack up their things; or move on from a situation. Celestia showed that she wasn't afraid. Not anymore. She'd seen things recently that would change any girl her age.

When Haru was just a Genin at age 9 she took her first life. She still remembered the blood. Everytime, every kill.

When she was finished Haru would perform final sweep of the room, anything that would be needed in her eyes she would pick up and stuff in a bag. Carefully watching her students reaction.

"I'll give you a moment...." she said as she picked up three of the bags herself and made her way downstairs. She would open the door, as the two Jonin stood right outside. "Take these to my place..." with a serious tone from her, they didn't question anything. With a ninja Body Flicker, they both would nod and disappear their green jackets vanishing from sight in an instant.

As Haru stood in the open doorway; she heard someone coming behind her with footsteps too heavy to be Celestia's. They weren't stopping.

"Who the fuck are YOU! You broke into the wrong house on the wrong night!" the footsteps increased in speed as Haru spun around and sidestepped a wild haymaker from what she could only assume was Celestia's dad. He fell out off his own front steps and onto the pavement as Haru stepped out. Looking down at him, she felt pity for Celestia on a whole new level. Thinking on her own father. Strict. Orderly. Well groomed being an understatement. A prideful man of his clan. She was met with a disappointing reflection within Celestia's own father. Her upbringing must have been...difficult under this man. Haru however, as serious and official as always would do a slight nod and bow to the man.

"Be calm please...I am Uchiha Haru, Celestia's squad captain. I'm here to help her collect her things...she'll be staying with me now." as she said this he popped up and protested.

"The hell she will! My daughter ain't goin no---" as he was cut off by the sound of wind moving past him. Haru would be standing right next to him side by side. Her sharingan was on; and at this time of night; her eyes literally would glow red in the dark.

"You don't care what happens to her......not now." she said the last part to show him that she did understand that he did care; but that he wasn't in a position to understand, nor care for her at the moment. The man would freeze up in fear, as he merely lowered his head and began to silently cry a little balling up his fists as he knew she was right. "I understand your matters can be the worst thing that can happen to anyone....however I promise, Celestia will be cared for. I come from a big family myself. If you clean up your're more than welcome to visit her anytime at my house....only if you she wants you too that is."

Although the guy was about ten years older than her, Haru would still at twenty six be an able adult and able to understand his plight. Although secretly, she was beginning to plot an assassination attempt in her own mind on Celestia's parents. Just an idea but if they continued to make her life hell in any Maybe not. But not out of the question in her mind. Her words were all an elaborate deception to get him to take this calmly. She could've killed him a moment ago if she'd chosen too in "self-defense" but she cared more for Celestia than to do that on the same night that so much had already happened.

As Celestia would probably appear sooner or later in the doorway; Haru would rejoin her.

"Speak to him if you wish...I already have....let's go." she would turn and walk past the man with her hands behind her back as usual; waiting for Celestia with a slow paced walk near the front of her house, but not stopping to wait any longer.
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It was pretty weird being told that such a nice place was to be her home now. Compared to what Celestia was used to this was basically royalty. Little did she know she actually came from royalty. Her mother never actually told her. "This space is yours....I expect it to be fully decorated within the week." Haru said with a small smile but a smile none the less. With everything going on recently though it felt like the warmest brightest smile ever. She saw Haru in a whole new light. She'd always been her sensei but now it felt like something even more. And wow this was her room now!? And she was expected to decorate it? That's right, she wouldn't have a brother stealing and destroying her stuff anymore. She could actually have things. The prospect excited her even if she had no idea what to do with it.

There wasn't much to grab and Haru even grabbed and bagged things Celestia hadn't intended on taking. She thought it odd and she didn't consider them essentials, but wasn't going to dare question her sensei. "I'll give you a moment...." Haru said to Celestia after everything was packed up. Celestia gave Haru a bit of a confused look as she left down the stairs. Celestia turned around and looked at her room. It almost seemed like Haru had more sentimental value on the room than Celestia did. Wasn't like she'd been here long they only moved in a year ago. They tended to move about every year to where there was cheaper rent or they got kicked out for causing problems or just straight up didn't pay rent. Every house, every room was just a temporary living area. In theory with the money Celestia had been bringing in they might not have had to move this year but Celestia hadn't exactly gotten her hopes up. She supposed there was some sentimental value. It signified her leaving her family. It felt like just moving again but this time her parents and brother weren't coming with. She wouldn't hear mom having sex with some guy somewhere especially when dad was gone and she wouldn't get yelled at by dad anymore. Her brother couldn't steal or destroy her stuff. Yea the newness of it all was a bit frightening but the more she thought about it the more excited to try it she got. Besides she'd been disowned anyway.

As Celestia turned to leave she was confronted face to face with her mom. "What are you doing here you freak of a mistake, get out! You're trespassing and I will call the authorities." Her mom threatened or rather promised. "Mistake?" Celestia accidentally let slip. "That's right I was young, naive, and vulnerable sleeping with your father to escape the home I'd run away from. I was a fool and got pregnant with you. I had to marry him I had just run away from responsibility another form of it was not on my list of things to do. And now because of you I've been stuck here stuck with him and all for what a mutated or possessed needy little child? I should have gotten rid of you long ago would of if I had found out you defective before. I had hoped I'd get some use out of you but now you'll only bring my family name shame. So get out! And don't you ever claim to be a Tsuki again because you aren't. You're a mistake."

Celestia ran down the stairs crying. Had she really dragged her family down all this time. Was it her fault her dad was a druggy and mom unfaithful. It sounded like if she hadn't been born then mom wouldn't have gotten married. She never loved him, she needed to use him. Running down the stairs and heading for the exit her head down she ran right into her father. She expected him to yell at her or even hit her and was surprised when he didn't. Did he have tears in his eyes. The only time she ever remembered seeing that was that time he was on LSD and stepped on a snail by accident. He felt so incredibly sad for the snail. He didn't say anything though and just moved out of the way. The young genin wasn't sure how to process this. But that decision got made for her and her mom started running down the stairs yelling at her to get out. She only got more livid upon seeing a strange woman in her home. Celestia didn't stick around to know what happened though and ran back to Haru's place or her house. It was weird how quickly she had registered it as a safe place somewhere she could run too. All the while her head spinning with the posibilites that could have been if she hadn't been born.


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As Haru walked back she sighed at the gravity of the situation but also smiled on the inside. She'd helped someone who had been oppressed; more than that. She'd free'd up someone who should've never been in a cage in the first place. Celestia deserved to be free and make her own decisions for her life. Even though of course at her age she would need some guidance, some protection. But not complete domination or strict regiments. She wasn't a child anymore. She would probably be realizing this little by little at this exact moment.

Soon enough Haru heard footsteps behind her approaching. It was no doubt her student. Her younger sister now, more so. The amount of stress and pain she'd made her way through to still be standing strong; Haru had some form of respect for Celestia that went beyond just a master and apprentice type of relationship. She hoped she would be able to show it and still maintain her duty to her as a sensei.

When Celestia did finally reach her; Haru would merely walk with her elbow on her sword and not turn to her just yet. She would enjoy the rest of the short walk back now but when they neared the house; she would turn to her.

"How did that feel?" she would say to her calmly as when they approached the house, she could hear the Jonin arguing upstairs from the window, something about where to put Celestia's stuff and how to organize it. One of the jonin was a female and apparently knew best; while the other male jonin was giving her a hard time about her decorating. "Maybe...we should get up there before something gets destroyed and I have to punish someone.....on second thought maybe we should let it play out..." Haru said with a twinkle in her eye at the thought of punishments being issued.

"Celestia I want you to know, some people never had a family at all growing up. Although the both of us are...estranged from our families; me by choice. It always could have been worse." she said to her in the front yard before they stepped inside. "Although it may seem like you'd have been better off on your own....that's a lie. Life alone is more challenging than one can really me when I struck out on my own as a Genin I slept on the streets for a long time...a girl of ten years old.....alone on the streets. Imagine that." a sadness crept over her as there seemed to be almost tears forming in her eyes at the thought. Sleeping at train stations...bus stops....stealing whatever she could while still making her way to her academy classes somehow.

It was the roughest time of her life and she'd barely made it through. Her family, the cruel Uchiha that they were had no problem sleeping knowing they had put a ten year old out on the street. Any attempt from her to go home to the Uchiha was met with some form of either abuse or rejection. She was own her own. Until the time that she actually began accomplishing missions and making a name for herself. It was only then that her father and mother began reaching out to her. She hadn't forgiven them...not for that, and not for her brother's death. They pushed him so hard to be a successful shinobi. They'd gotten their way.

"Let's get in there before...." a loud bang cut off Haru as a piece of furniture flew out of a window from above; a desk. It crash landed and splintered in Haru's yard as they would both likely hear rumbling from upstairs.

Haru's eyebrow would begin twitching rapidly as she looked at her shattered window. It would probably be best for Celestia to go up first before Haru accidentally killed a fellow Leaf ninja for a simple spat. Even though her house had been damaged. Comically Haru stood there twitching at the site before her as she couldn't even move she was so angry with the Jonin upstairs. Hopefully Celestia went up and told them to get out before their lives were forfeit and they were life and death with some insane Genjutsu.
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Lost Souls [private Haru]

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