Machi's Laborious Tasks

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The sun was just tilting downwards, The workers among the village finishing their quick fix lunches. It was common around this time for people to finish up with their meals. Machi was seen doing the same, he wipes his mouth as he sat upon a very high bar stool. He hopes that this meal would be enough for him during his trip. Indeed it was true that Machi completed a top priority mission with team 1, the money sat well in his ninja pouch, but he aimed to save the funds for future equipment. Machi had his eyes set on one particular set of expensive garbs that could prove useful. Never did Machi like to spend money without good reason, frugality was one of Machi's close to heart virtues. As he left the restaurant after he finished paying for his meal, Machi looked back towards an apartment complex towards his right. His face longed with heavy thought upon realizing just how familiar he was with that building. Before the divorce between his parents, his father used to take him their every once and while. Sometimes, he'd get to sleep their then it was just the two of them. It was thoughts like these that made Machi submit a request for leave away from the village. Machi finally decided that it was time for him to go off on his own. If he stayed around for to long, the situation his parents were going through would affect him even more than they already have.

Machi's attire consists of a navy blue shirt with a pair of long tin brown pants. In place of the shinobi headband was a navy blue hat, which donned a thin metal sheet of metal on the front. The symbol stamped on the sheet was the leaf belonging to the leaf village. Along his shins and fore arms were thin light weight steel guards. His shoes he wore were navy blue, standard issue shinobi sandals. Along the back of his waist was a khaki weapon pouch. He also had a smaller weapon pouch strapped to the right side of his waist, which was also khaki in color.

Machi was now seen making his way towards the entrance gates, with papers in hand. Two days ago, Machi submitted a request to venture out of the village, to complete a set of international missions. Of course, him being a genie, his request was questioned a lot by the higher ups. Why would a genie suddenly request such a thing? Extensive time away from the village at an age so young. Fortunately, After completing a high priority mission with a well known higher up, Haru Uchiha, they felt it ok so long as Machi kept a productive mindset; hence the missions. Of course, Machi did however feel the same. His heart raced with anxiety upon reaching the gate, the closer he got, the more he gripped the roll of papers in his hand. If he did this, not only would he be out of his own, but also making this the first time he ever set foot out of the leaf village, alone. This wasn't something Machi wanted to do, this was something Machi had to do. His courage was indeed encouraged by a dear friend of his, Castus. Machi would have never even made it out of the academy without him. Machi found himself at ease slightly, thinking back to the mission how Castus zipped passed the enemies only to join him by his side. 'It was something straight out the comics the way he landed', Machi reaches the desk. He hand the papers to the two gates guards. The guards respectful tell him to not lose the papers, for it would cause complications. Machi agreeing, takes the papers back and stares down the long dirt path leading away from he village. The trees seemed to get denser and denser.

'Its a lot different when you stare down a path, by yourself. Nobody's shadow or input, but yours", taking a deep breath, he ventures off alone. The gate guards watching his every step, reminiscing about the past when they too were just genin with the world open to them.
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Machi's Laborious Tasks

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