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Order of the Obsidian Ink B4lUOQ
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Order of the Obsidian Ink is a 3/3/3 mature premium panfandom board loosely based in the Inkheart and Into the Badlands fandoms and takes place around 550 years in a dystopian future. The mainboard plots revolve around two groups, The Order of the Obsidian Ink and The Ascended who are at odds over how the world should be since the wars and natural disasters that ravaged the earth.

Don't know anything about either of those fandoms? That's perfectly fine, the board's framework is loosely based out of them, but the present-day plots are completely AU. Not interested in joining either of these groups with your characters? That's fine! There is an entire world to explore, we encourage people to spread out and grow your own plots, start your own groups. Think of us like your roleplay fairy godmothers, if you can dream it, we want to help you find a way for it to be realised. There are very few restricted fandoms and character types. We have a loose 150-word count in the main areas, but we also offer a comms and rapid-fire area for people more comfortable with shorter posts and a faster pace.

Any questions feel free to pop in cbox or hop over to our discord server that can be found here!

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Order of the Obsidian Ink

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