Strength in hard work.

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It’s been a month since his trip to the Academy and his horrific dream about the four tailed beast. By now he can only imagine how much stronger the tailed beasts are becoming now having such immense power in their ranks. Not only is that but those who participated in hunting the bijuu definitely getting stronger than they were back then. This triggered a feeling within Nasaki. That feeling is the fire to prepare for another encounter of the same kind. They’re all soliders and like soldiers they share the same desire and willingness to lay down their lives for their faction, and their nation. Sunagakure needs to be ready to do the same thing. Since Nasaki has gotten back all he’s been doing is preparing his family and friends to be strong enough to defend against powerful intruders. All this proves to be useless if a bijuu finds its way to the Neutral lands. Knowing that those things are out there Nasaki went out looking for signs of massive chakra or even stories of monsters being seen nearby. To his discomfort he has found a lot of news about civilians going missing and rumors of a tailed beast being spotted killing all that it’s come across. There was a fear in Nasaki’s heart that this could indeed be a tailed beast and that the moment he found out that it is that he’d have to prepare himself for a battle that the young faction, Sunagakure is not ready for. Preparation is key, so before going to search the thing, it’s important that he meets with his team sensei full and begin to prepare for a large scale battle. This all triggered from a dream probably caused by the tailed beast inside him , he’d train and go about his regular daily functions like a man with limited time. Needless to say he may have been lucky enough to be compatible to hold son Goku within him but he was far from living an easy life. Many thoughts came to his mind flooding it like a river . What if son Goku wasn’t the only evil thing out there. What if there was more like it? What if there were worst than it?

These thoughts had Nasaki thinking about His adopted siblings. How without them the entire team could have died. Apart from his family, Nasaki has never seen his strength as something that was lacking. But what the trio had that Nasaki did not with his team was absolute trust that they could handle a situation and have each member work on what they’re best at as a well-oiled team. He’d have to build that with his Sunagakure for sure. If a bijuu were to show up, unlike In the past it wouldn’t only be 6 people stepping up. He would involve everyone. The lower ranks would have to evacuate the area while the Captains and their Lieutenants take to the main battle field. He’d have earth division with the main defense. This way they’d keep everyone safe while they evacuate, while the captains focus in on the charge. Another factor will be the type of bijuu that they’ll be facing. If it’s as fast as son Goku then they’ll need a method of capturing it without having to actually look at it. It is imperative that they all fins ways to gather intelligence about which one was spotted nearby. With that knowledge they can have a proper counter measure for it. One more thing that they’ll need among many is a way to seal off the action. How can they keep the neutral grounds and their inhabitants safe? Then after that chakra expenditure is a real factor as well. They need to find ways to limit our chakra costs, maybe with weapons they can do damage and not have to use their energy reserves.

As for him, Nasaki knew that he’d have to be the lead in this assault. Having the only experience with this type of creature he would have to guide everyone in what to do. But his strength would rely heavily on his captains, as he figure being the only one who came from a team focused on setting up barriers , that he would be the one that would have to seal in the bijuu. Maybe he can also use Kris’ aid to create a massive wall outside the barrier if it doesn’t hold up.His friend Rai could be in charge of full on assault with Takahiro while Hope will be in charge of healing the wounded on the field. Meanwhile Nasaki can aid with cover fire much like before and strategy on the battle field. They’ll have to account for terrain which played a big factor in the last bijuu battle. The weather and terrain affected the creatures techniques making it more difficult to even detect yet alone combat. It’ll be a game changer if the thing can dig underground. Nasaki will have to upgrade all his techniques and in order to prevent such a thing. Sudden mirror attacker is another thing he’ll have to obtain soon. These things will be crucial to taking the thing down. It’s going to take the entire team to get this done. The one thing that Nasaki has learned is that any plan that seems full proof can indeed be used against them. So they’d have to prepare for the worst. He’d have to begin preparing his weight lifting as well to store chakra that he can use in battle. At Genin his chakra can store 1 counts of whatever chakra amount that he needs.

This will probably be the tide turner for Nasaki, since his techniques burn up a lot of chakra. He will also have to create elemental techniques in which he has Very High affinity for. He’s also in need of a method of using all his bloodline and bijuu related techniques in battle at once and also gaining power from doing that. Whatever he’d need to get done, he’d have to do it fast while protecting his people from any threats in and out of the Sunagakure . The monster he knew as a kid that he saw in the ocean, gave them all it had and overwhelmed them. It terrified them, and almost successfully murdered them, but in the end even monsters fall! Even monsters can be beaten, and by that saving grace, Nasaki’s hope is renewed. ” I CANT DIE!” He’d say out to himself following with an outburst of laughter. Things will change, the fist throwing black kid from Suna is a man now, and he WILL protect his people.

The possible bijuu encounter was one thing. Then he had to focus in on the structural issues that his Genin team may have. People marvel the position of team captain or leader of a Genin team but don’t have the slightest clue on how much work that really is. All though every division had their difficulties the administratives for Sunagakure . In that position you basically do everything and make sure others are doing their part to contribute. Apart from that there’s an underlining responsibility to make sure captains are taken care of and that they do not stray away from the path. Nasaki has been mining the sunagakures system for a long time. A lot of it is just operational functions but it’s also crucial that everyone understands their war time functions as well.

Nasaki had it so that during war time that he’d train a unit for Aerial combat, weight lifting ,to cover the sky and attack all who are below. On top of that he figured that aerial strikers can take out massive structures and creatures on the battle field. Tactics like this will be detrimental to the survival of Sunagakure during war times. Another function that can help using aerial tactics is bringing injured comrades from the field to the medical camps nearby to heal wounds. But being in the air can also leave them vulnerable to those on the ground that are good with taking out aerial assaults. He’ll have to make grand scale terrain changing techniques to make the sky extremely windy. From there maybe he’ll also make sure that those on the aerial division are long range experts with keen eye sight. Bombs would be ideal for this type of team but to protect the team from others he’d have to make it so that those who fly would undergo penalties. Nasaki thought that maybe by making it difficult for other things to fly causing Sunagakure Aerial fighters to have an advantage over those who can just fly.

Ground divisions captain would be in charge of ground level combat and defenses. Ground division can be responsible for protecting all from bombarding their front lines. Meanwhile providing much needed coverage and assault power for those quickly approaching. They can build crystalline and earth walls to block out attacks. They would also be able to change up the affinity of their own defenses making it stronger than offensive techniques that normally would beat it out through affinity. This will become helpful cover for our side when long range cross fire comes into play. This will allow us to continue the onslaught from a distance taking care of the strong that make it past our defenses. Behind the front defensive line we’ll have the medical division there and on the front lines taking care of wounds. The wounded will either be taken cared of buy the non-combative medics in the back or by the combat medics in the line of fire. The combative medics will help in fighting off those who get past the first line of defense but also heal those in trouble on the field.

Meanwhile while Suna soldiers are dominating the field with we could have limbo division operating under ground snatching victims and fighting those underground. It would be a crucial aspect to the battle if enemy soldier got taken out one by one through means of being pulled underground. This change in terrain would deal with those without underground movement causing them to be easy targets. We can also use this aspect as a way to take the wounded back to the medics. They’d have the ground as cover from attacks coming in. Meanwhile they can use an anbu division will be our silent killers

The anbu division will mainly be sneaking up on our opponents in the thick of war. It’ll almost like on field assassination. This is our division having a home field advantage so to say. These aspects and our captains make the Sunagakure how it is. The outside world views us as simply instruments of peace. They have quickly forgotten that part of peace is war. Although suna officials are desperately trying to prevent war we must stay ready for it. Our captains and lieutenants train day in and day out to remain sharp and capable of standing up to other factions if it came down to it. But maybe these tactics won’t just work on faction versus faction war fair. Just maybe Sunagakure can use these tactics for future bijuu battles as well. The main objective now is to find a way to focus everyone onto their designated fighting patterns when it comes to their division.

Nasaki sat there twiddling his fingers knowing that he would have to do one of the many things on his list today. But he felt lazy, thinking about getting it done was a lot more likely for him than getting up and putting his gear on to do it. Its all just seemed like a lot of work . On top of that he’ll have to find time to train himself or else he’d find himself in effective on the battle field. An ineffective captain can lead to many casualties on their side and last thing he’d want is to be useless again when it came to protecting others. He’d think of other stuff that would take the edge off of war for him and his faction. Things such as music could help take the edge off for him and his faction during war. Maybe have some war drums banging in the back ground. This could increase the hype of the competition giving people the energy and mind set they’ll need to mess people up on the field and make quick work of the confrontations. Nasaki would find the energy to get up and gear up so he can go out and train. He had many plans and little time to execute them. Things happen fast around here and those who sleep now might not have the privilege to wake tomorrow. When others and entities come to take what’s yours. You rise up and get it done.

Nasaki made it to the training grounds ready to get things started for himself. Upon arriving he’d form three clones of himself and then begin by throwing a bunch of kunai in different direction. The clones knowing what he was up to decide to counter act that action by releasing projectiles of their own to deflect his. This prevented Nasaki from setting up his barriers meanwhile one of the three clones took the opportunity to set up his own barrier. As they charge at Nasaki hed then pull out his Switch blade and use rushing winds. Rushing winds allows Nasaki to place wind chakra into his weapon too cause a rapid stabbing effect at targets. Nasaki nearly got one of them until the one with the barrier would use burst combat to propel himself into position to take the hit for the other. Burst combat is a blast of wind coming from the bionic arms of one of the clones to propel them at great speeds towards their destination. Since the one with the barrier was the one who propelled himself towards the attack; the attack would have no effect. So Nasaki responds now by jumping back and creating space up until one got into close range. He’d activate his zone lvl 3 in order to give him reaction tiers tied to his hearing. This maneuver would end up giving him an upper hand in dodging incoming attacks. Clone number two would stop in his tracks and load a fire based attack with his bionic arms. Nasaki recognizing the attack would use an immobility seal on clone one then grab him in to serve as a shield.

Clone two was already done with the technique and although he didn’t expect Nasaki to use clone one as a shield he didn’t mind too much. Clone two knew that they were just clones, and If clone one was a sacrifice to get a good shot on their opponent then they’d be more than happy to take it. Releasing a fire technique known as incinerate wasn’t good news for Nasa . So as the technique rushing towards Nasaki he’d get out the way leaving clone one to be blasted by the move. He’d then use magnificent burst to possibly knock the clones off balance. They became shook by the movement of the ground which Nasaki saw as an opportunity to finish them off. He came running in as fast as he could utilize true choreography and rushing winds to increase the speed of rushing winds. The clone with the barrier was again unmoved by the assault as clone two would simply put his hands together and attempt to blow him away. Fortunately for armen he didn’t need both hands to do the rushing winds and he’d use one hand to absorb the wind coming from both the clones hands just enough to stab through him. That’s two clones down, one to go. This one will be a bit difficult Nasaki doesn’t have any spiritual techs or natural techs yet. But those are mainly the only damage types that can stop this barrier.

So hed move around thinking a bit while clone three released boomerangs at Nasaki . The quick weapons forced Nasaki to have to activate his lava release armor and deflect a few with his rotational technique utilizing rushing winds and switch. He would then use the increase in speed to close in the distance between the two and begin his assault. Clone number three would begin to react to the way Nasaki was attacking with a lightning release armor of his own. The efforts seemed completely useless because as the clone reacted Nasaki was the one being overwhelmed and forced to retreat. This kept up for about thirty minutes before Nasaki started to show serious signs of fatigue. Clone number three thought he had him, A big smile coming across the clones face as he begins to put more power behind the onslaught of attacks. Finally as Nasaki moved back a big smile would cross his face realizing that his clone had forgotten something crucial to fighting with those barriers. By using the barriers in such a way they must be weary not to go further out than the parameters allow. Nasaki laughed as the clones barriers broke, throwing him off guard for Nasaki’s follow up assault. He’d hit the clone with a immobility seal as well and then finish the clone off with rushing winds.

Hed drop to the ground tired from what effort he had to put into taking that clone out. But regardless he was still pleased with his clone’s performance which can come in handy when it comes to combating others. He began to think of some neat ideas for ways to make clone use even more effective. He’d definitely need to get more boomerang based clone jutsus. But also hed need to find a way to make long distance cloning possible. If he can make them spawn from long distances rather than close distances that would be very helpful for barrier building. He also wondered if it was possible for his bakes clones to do the same thing. The way he figured, the more hands he had to aid in the creation and setting of his barriers the better it would be overall . Especially in heavy combat situations, where he is seriously occupied and people expect him to set up barriers and focus in on him not being capable of setting them up.

After lying on the ground for a few moments to catch his breath Nasaki would pull himself up and dust himself off. Hed observe the field for a bit and stretch a little more for round two of fighting his clones. He realized that in his battle with them he sort of took the easy way out with the seals. Maybe this time if he doesn’t use the seals then hed get a different outcome. Hopefully he has a few surprises and all it took was a scenario like this to bring them out of them. Either way he was ready for round two!

Well it was time for Nasaki to get up and dust himself off for another round of training. So he’d go ahead and make the hand seals for another shadow clone jutsu. This time making four shadow clones to face off with. He’d walk a few paces away from them and then turn around launching boomerangs at them. They’d retaliate with boomerangs of their own. The boomerangs clashed together making a loud cling sound. One clone began to make hand seals for the massive futon twister. The others all set up sealed barriers to protect themselves. Nasaki sure had his work cut out for him this time. He doesn’t suspect that the same moves would work twice. So it was time to work, hed pull out smoke bombs and release them onto the battle field hindering the eye sight of the clones. They were smart; one would use the same technique Nasaki did last time to tie his reaction to his hearing in order to get a better chance of hearing Nasaki’s steps throughout the mist. Meanwhile clone two would begin to clear the area for clone three to aim a sniper point blazin wind shot towards Nasaki. Clone number four would provide cover fire to keep Nasaki busy with boomerangs being thrown at him with great speed.

” Dam it!” Nasaki shouted knowing full well that he might not be able to dodge everything headed his way. So he would do his best first with the boomerangs that were incoming. He’s reactivate his deviant art level three which is reaction tied to his hearing and his lava release armor. He’d catch incoming boomerangs and launch them back at the clones. Who would try to imitate by sending clone one to do the same thing, but they’d be met with an explosion. This would cause clone one to explode while clone three shoots the blazin wind shot. Nasaki using his increased reaction and speed would avoid it by the skin of his teeth. Nasaki then gathered himself and rushed forwards while the others didn’t worry because they were under the protection of the barriers that they have set up.

Nasaki loaded up his own blazin wind shot in one hand and performed rushing winds with his other hand. The techniques had no effect and which lead Nasaki to cuss under his breath. Like what the heck is he going to do to stop them? He could make more clones to help him fight his previous clones, but that would defeat the point and the training. Nasaki had to be thinking to myself, how’s he going to do this? Well ok he has an idea of some sort. He’d think that his best tactic is holding off as long as he could until something comes to mind. So he began to assault them and they would come at him as well. So maybe he did have to go back to his old tactics. They all share the same jutsu but the thing Nasaki have that was different was his switch blade..

So that’s what he was going to do, he would fight his way into close range with his clones. After a few exchanges of weapons and blows Nasaki finds an opening and uses his wind shard technique to blow them out of range once against shattering there shield. Nasaki would be breathing heavy after his bout with the clones. He’d decide to call it in for the day. But not before going to get something to eat. He’d go to his favorite shop snack down on some of Sunagakures finest foods. That was one thing Nasaki made sure to do so he doesn’t burn out. He made sure that when it was time to treat himself that he would do so unsparingly. This way he works hard and plays even harder so to say. Being a leader of an entire organization is extremely overwhelming but if one takes good care of themselves they can overcome everything.

Tomorrow he’ll have to prep himself for more training so he went on home to take a nice hot bath. He’d turn on the hot shower remove his clothing and get into it. He’d cover up his hair so it wouldn’t get wet but let the water run down his back and entire body. He’d think of ways that he could get stronger. He’d look at his arms, “where did all mah obsession fo strength come frum?” He’d think of home and how he nearly let everyone down during the mission and how this time around if there were to be a Bijuu fight that the kage wouldn’t be around to help. So it’d be all up to Nasaki and the rest of Sunagakure. He could only hope that he isn’t a letdown. It seems that when it comes to big events he has a knack of winning but not after completely embarrassing himself first. Nasaki had hoped to grow out of that phase but it still seems to happen to him from time to time. After washing his body he would make his way to bed, first pulling out a journey that he’d take the time to write in. He’d jot down important notes, to dos, and observations about the day. He’d write in his book for about three hours before getting really sleepy. He’d then put his book away and think on girls he seen around the neutral lands. He thought to himself that damn they’re fine! In the midst of all this it would probably be of good interest to find a woman who loves him. Nasaki will have to deal with all the traveling and fighting from place to place, but one thing should remain be the same is whats waiting for him back home. Being a teacher to the future seal holders is commendable but he’d need someone that fills that void in his heart. Nasaki got deep into thought about that until he pretty much fell asleep. This was probably for the best since he has to wake up early and train tomorrow anyway.

Nasaki woke up the next day with a full agenda. Sore from yesterday’s training he really didn’t want to get up to do anything. But he knew better he knew that consistency is a must if he’s going to get in great fighting shape for whatever may come next. He will have to do things like this on days his body wants to fail him. He will have to become a new kind of Nasaki Anuwa than the ones that people are used to seeing around. He will have to take everything more seriously starting with his training. Often he puts his mindset to a potential bijuu encounter in the near future. So to do that what kind of man must he really become? Maybe one like the Konoha new leader, maybe that’s how he has to become to get the full results. Maybe he will have to switch up his battle building style for something more immediate and more dangerous. He’ll have to implement an instant kill mind set at times to keep people safe. Too often does he play around with his enemies hoping that they will turn a new leaf and help build instead of destroy? But he’s starting to realize in this world of infinite power that some just enjoy the exercising of their own brutality. So it’s time Sunagakure demonstrates their brutality as well when the time is right. A clean sweep of their competition is all Nasaki would tolerate and nothing less. So if he wants Sunagakure to be capable of ruthlessness when the time is right then he himself will have to train his own aggression. So he’d get out of bed make his breakfast, gear up then head out to his training grounds. As he made his way there he’d encounter a lot of the locals who would stop him for few moments at a time to ask him questions and express their congratulations for his return to Sunagakure.

The dependence the people have on their armed force ministers was insurmountable. The team could not and would not let them down. All members sign up to this and vowed to protect everyone with their lives. Meaning that for the peace and freedom of the people, Sunagakure members have sacrificed their own peace and freedom. Every day, Sunagakure members are going out on missions that can lead to life or death situations. Some cases people don’t get to return home to their loved ones. Names that have been forsaken by the people they gave their lives to protect. It’s a life without recognition and this is why Nasaki finds it incredibly difficult to understand the young people these days all wanting to join the Sunagakure . They all want to join the forces to fight and to protect those they care about, this is not a world for the young it seems. This is so backwards in Nasaki’s opinion the adults should be the ones fighting to protect but now it seems that the younger generation are the ones who come to pick up the mantle and fight the dirty reward less fights. They talk ready to be shipped off to the most gruesome and dangerous terrains. Nasaki could not fathom the thought of losing a group of young warriors to a bad mission. This has pressured Nasaki to put greater demands on Captains, Lieutenants, and squad leaders to train hard and be sure about decisions made on the field.

If a squad leader, captain or Lieutenant is under trained they can risk losing their lives on the field and the young warriors that follow will be left to the slaughter. Nasaki showed up to his battle grounds with that very mind set. He knew that his mind needed to stay sharp to play chess with these key players in the game. He pulls out his weaponry and begins to do target practice and trick shots. He stood in one spot trying to hit as many things as he can with one boomerang. He figured if he can kill many targets with just one boomerang that would lower the risk of him needing more boomerangs in battle. The one thing that anyone that specializes in throwing weapons would hate is to not have enough projectiles to get what you needed done. Well Nasaki busted his butt to be able to hit even the hardest shots. Meanwhile, Nasaki started working on his movement with boxing and catching the boomerangs just to release them. As a few boomerangs got close to his head weave and slip allowing them to fly past him. He’d begin to recite lyrics to a Songhai favorite rapper, Decimus wrote as he trained his boxing. He’d bob his head and move around to the beat of the music really feeling the vibe of his training now. Once he’s got the boxing part in he’d start to throw kicks in as well increasing the speed of his physical strikes. He’d then pull out Zenose and start to rotate zenose in combat forms. He would do many series of strikes with Zenose not neglecting to dodge the incoming boomerangs as they zoomed by faster and faster. This was a new style that he was trying to use with the kenjutsu style that he has gathered, soon he’ll make a kick boxing style that he can merge with his shuriken jutsu style of fighting. This shuriken jutsu style of fighting will utilize the abilities of one of Nasaki’s early jutsus known as second wind. Second wind allows weapons that were thrown to continue their same pace at speeds that they were thrown initially. This technique is something Nasaki hasn’t had the privilege of using in a long time since he’s been focusing in a lot on this Shurikenjutsu style. Nasaki figured that just because he’s using kenjutsu for close range assault that there has to be a way to not forget what he a master is at. After a few grueling hours of training he would finish up for today. The style still very incomplete bu that would have to be work for another day.

Another day another dollar is what they say around here. Nasaki wakes up less sore than before meaning that his body was probably beginning to adapt to the demands. Today he wasn’t going straight into training as he usually does. He’d first go off looking for some Intel on how the Neutral territories use to be before the Dobutsu and the Sunagakure populated the area. He’d need this to make sure that they’ve covered all the ground that they could possibly do. Reason being is because this place is sacred and the lands are full of power. He knew that if he could find a way to completely understand the secrets that this land can tell, and if he can harvest their power that this would be to Sunagakure benefit. What an incredible feat it would be to be able to harvest the power of demons or the living weapons hidden in the ruins of this place. Use them all for constructional and military power and they would become reliable and fruitful endeavors for the Sunagakure . As far as technology goes Nasaki has been thinking long and hard about his heritage. He was specifically thinking of the clan from which he came.

So on his search he’d go off asking about rumors of the lands. He did this for most of the day then took the time off of doing that to return to his training. He’s been making his training a big priority these days and now he’s seeing a lot of progress for it. But today was more of a physical workout than the other days. Not as much combat just making sure his body was firm and muscular. That way he can maintain his strength to fight with others. So he’d get to his training grounds and start off with a few laps around the field. After three laps around the field he’d begin to feel very tired wondering when the last time that he did any cardio at all was. He would do some forms in the air, shadow boxing and kicking to work on the technique of things. After getting some of his technique down he would now begin to hit the weights. He was lifting heavy weights starting with chest presses. He’d do about five sets of ten chest presses. He’d then take a break with his chest burning already he’d focus up and hit another five sets of ten. There weren’t many people at the gym that day, figures why all the captains are sort of skinny. They focus more on their lean body moves to be quick not really needed styles that rely on strength. Maybe that was different forbid neighborhood friend Takahiro but Nasaki didn’t know. Takahiro would be the buddy he knows least.

Nasaki would quickly realize that it will be imperative for him to get to know his friends.. He’s been spending a lot of time boosting his battle prowess, that he doesn’t know much about the battle power of the others. Combination techs are what are going to take bijuus down, nothing less than team work and techniques coming together. He’ll have to make it a point to see them soon and have this discussion on what their rolls are in even something like this were to happen in the neutral territories. But that was neither here nor there right now, since his break time was up and it was time for him to hit another set. He’d get right into lunges, going down as low as he can with weights, walking around the field. He was sweating out every ounce of sweat in his body. It came to the point where he was breathing hard and his legs began to shake. Finally he’d finish his set and drop the weights letting out a big sigh of relief. After a few moments to catch his breath he’d find a pull up bar and begin to do pull ups to increase his pulling strength. As he did pull ups he thought of his family back at Sunagakure and how he’d need to arrange to have them transported here eventually. It’s not right for someone like Nasaki to be far from his family. Nasaki draws his strength from his love of his family so the closer they are the better it’ll be for him.

After about one hundred pull ups hed then begin to work on his abs. He knows about how shirts get torn in the middle of battle. The last thing he wanted was for the people who put so much faith in him to notice him when his shirt is torn. Then they begin to think to themselves that he wasn’t really training hard that he was slacking off because underneath the torn shirt is a fat un sizzled belly. He simply could not have that, because as ruthless as he was, he was also a pretty boy. He much like most men hopes to get with a fine honey someday soon. So there he’d go blasting his abs putting maximum resistance on them as he engages different compartments of his abs. This may seem vain but after abs Nasaki made sure to work on his shoulders. Following the expression he has the weight of the world on his shoulders; he couldn’t afford to have any weak shoulders. Never can he have that and get caught by those who believe in him with weak ass shoulders. These exterior appearances mattered to Nasaki because when people imagine a hero he wanted them to imagine the best version of himself. Not some scrawny rice cake eating version that everyone is used to. About three hours had passed and finally training was done for the day. Nasaki made sure to clean after himself as a sign of discipline, and re-rack the weights. He’d then make his way home safe, where he would enjoy a nice peanut butter chocolate protein shake. Nasaki saw this as a treat and perfect way to end today’s training. Now all he had left to do before bed is to take a shower and wash him of the filth.

Today was his last day for training. He needed to accomplish what he set out to a whole week ago or else it would be a waste. He usually times how long it’ll take for him to accomplish a new stage in anything. This has by far taken the longest to do and if he can’t conclude his training today then it may not even be something possible of achieving. So he’d get up today very determined and won’t let anything get in his way of breaking his limits. The whole time this week he’s been trying to just find ways passed his current limits so that he can learn high rank techniques that he can later use to blow away the threats that may oppose the Sunagakure . He’d get up eating his breakfast and getting ready as much as possible. Although he wanted to go straight to training to keep the focus this would not be possible for him today. He’d have to head to the office first and finish his assignments for today. After all Sunagakure does need to be managed just as much as it needs to be protected. People have domestic issues and they don’t care too much about military threats and natural disasters until they come to the doorsteps. Nasaki always saw this as a very odd thing about living beings; they worry soo much about immediate problems despite how minor they may be that they could care less that someone is working on their grand future problem. Nasaki still wouldn’t find this as an excuse to think of them as small minded individuals but sometimes the people really can be. So he’d do just as he was supposed to, he’d go to work greeting everyone he met and check in with his assistant for his itinerary for the day.

Shed hand him a list of issues that he had to mediate and also right articles for. This was insane how even faction issues that other captains are supposed to handle falls on his lap from time to time. Not to say his captains aren’t doing a banged up job in their divisions because he knows for sure that they are. It’s just overwhelming at times, but Nasaki would not complain hed take his workload to his desk and start to organize them and spread them out throughout the room. He’d start with fauna control, for some reason he’s always loved fauna related material. Usually the reports Rai send are very informative, and at time way too informative and borderline inappropriate. Sometimes Nasakiswears the kid reads too much erotic novels and believes that this is the way to write. As Nasaki can recall just last week Rai had sent in a report for two tigers and their unnatural behavior. He described a suspicious grooming of one tigers to another as “Electric to the touch”. What does electric to the touch even mean in a situation like that? Anyway Nasaki believes certain things such as that is best to just take as is and move on. He tried to confront Rai about it but he really seems genuine about not seeing the problem. In fact Nasaki tried making Rai read his report back to him, the entire time Rai didn’t break a smile or acknowledge anything off about the report. He guesses that this is just his writing voice and as strange as it is, it’s very thorough and gets the message across. Nasaki kept reading through the reports feeling the same way that he usually does with most of Rais reports. Then his assistant would barge in causing him to jump as if he was watching something extremely inappropriate. His eyes shot wide open and the assistant looking around for signs of what she just walked into. Everything seemed normal from her eyes except for Nasaki’s behavior and his stillness to her being in the room. She’d break the awkwardness with the casual question if everything is ok in here. In which Nasaki would reply positively only letting out a sigh of relief when she leaves the room. It really seems like this joke would definitely be something Rai pulls on Nasaki. He’d then take a seat to read more of what’s going on with limbos division. Rai’s division has a sacred joke only secret to those on the inside. His division is solely along with selected members of the heaven seal division; responsible for the maintenance and the protection of the Soana preserves.

Those preserves are sacred to the outside world and those creatures are incredibly special. This is why Nasaki and Rai are responsible to protect those creatures with all the force necessary and by keeping their secrets. This usually causes its own level of difficulty because most of the reports from citizens of this city states that there was weird fauna sounds nearby. This wouldn’t be too bad because we could always pass it off as the local faunas that everyone knows about. The problem with that is now that we have tamers they’re familiarity with local faunas and the sounds they’re capable of making has grown. So it’s harder to tell civilians that confirm or have the support of tamers that it’s just a tigers outside our boarders. Which in its own way isn’t a better cover up at all because then they accuse the Sunagakurians for poor boarder control. These creatures much like other creatures always want to expand their territory. They aren’t happy with being confound in a small parameter, they want to spread across the entire territory. This wouldn’t be a bad thing except due to their rarity, and their unique properties they’d subject themselves to all types of cruelties. They’d be hunted and captured by some for extensive research. The research that could lead to different types of weaponry, poisons, serums, and destructive power in the hands of offenders must not happen. This is our duty to prevent this from happening always. Another problem is that these unique and rare fauna hear the mating calls of other fauna native to the land, and desire to interact with them.

This is terrible because we wouldn’t want these creatures diluting their unique qualities with the mass population of common species. Yes it would bring rise to newer species and keep the genes of the unique species alive, but this could back fire. We have no idea what the unique and common species would really do to one another so, if they meet chances are what we believe would be a harmonious union can indeed become a murderous encounter. These things are always considered in the office and often lead to declines on certain scientific movements that could enhance our technology and civilization as a whole. Necessary sacrifices as we go on and make sure that we do no play God with our work, but we do what is necessary to keep everyone and everything safe. They’ll do this without creating new threats to put anything that were supposed to protect at risk. So as Nasaki reviewed these files he’d finish the ones that he classified as crucial and move them to the side, eventually completing todays work for The animal Division. Now while he’s on the same vein of things, he’d look into the purgatory division reports.

Scientology is our division dedicated to science and technological advancements. This is a perfect division in terms of medicine and new potions and treatment for the people of this region. These reports are usually declarations for more supplies so that Sky Division can go and purchase them. So Nasaki would have to go through their list of demands and either approve them or tell them that we can possibly use better substitutions that can be found here at a cheaper price. Saying no sometimes lead to lots of discussions between Nasaki and Hope. Discussions that at times Nasaki ends up losing because he isn’t a doctor. But at times Hope gives in knowing that the Sunagakures budget isn’t always large enough to support all their endeavors. Sunagakure can’t just go around squandering money; they have to move about in a thrifty manner. Because when money comes out for one thing, that’s money we won’t have for other things. So at times we need new technology but we can’t afford to either purchase it or the materials to make it. One of Sunagakure saving grace is Takahiro’s ability to make gold, but as discussed with him the more gold he makes the less valuable the old becomes to the faction and the world. Because if gold is lying around everywhere it takes one visit to the Sunagakure to get a fortune, therefore causing inflation on its value. So in the case of medicine we have people being enrolled to hospitals every day, and we are still using herbs so we constantly need people making medical herbs.

Now Sunagakure are advancing quicker into the world of pills. This involves crushing medical herbs into smaller powder like form to become pills that one can take and get faster effects. This division is also moving into clan and bloodline limit research. Sunagakure is taking a proactive approach to studying clan abilities to learn how to defeat them and counter their effects in battle. These combat researches will prove to be vital in the future when war ensues. If war ensues is the more correct way to say it because Sunagakure will do its best to prevent war. Sunagakure also intends to use research about clan abilities to enhance weaponry. There is much advancement that they have in mind like weapons that can crystalize, weapons that explode without being destroyed and can be charged up and explode again. This will change the way our soldiers combat with one another and now we also need to create gear that interacts with the terrain. Sunagakure is known for its harsh terrains which can really help boost up the defenses. Also we’ll need a whole lot more money because to build and mass produce armor good for the terrain would be very costy. Nasaki would sigh and order a drink as he passes his hands through his hair and looks at all the work left to read. He was starting to get a little discourage, believing that he might not be able to leave today to go and train. Once his beverage got here he’d take it, thank the server and sip while working. This next bill was about technological prosthetics. He could tell that this one was supposed to appease him a bit, having prosthetics himself. But the bill had a few issues, these prosthetics were supposed to be for civilians yet they were soo expensive. The functions of these prosthetics were damn near military grade, and the military prosthetics was a lot better than the ones he has now. He would want the best for his people but this was too expensive, this was something that they can probably make available for the rich and not have it on insurance.

The other issue with this bill was that military grade prosthetics were available to rich people, which Nasaki would not allow. These prosthetics had the power to level cities. Now he understood the whole business behind it because whatever we make we’d have to sell but to the rich this could definitely fall into the wrong hands. Not to mention the rich in the neutral territories have a knack of trying to sell Sunagakure stuff to other factions for more money. If Sunagakure are to dedicate their efforts into these kinds of advancements it would be a disservice to them to allow others to exploit that and send it off to different factions for more money. Sunagakure can and will make wealth within itself. It’ll take time but they will make wealth. So Nasaki had the pleasure of not denying this bill but sending a counter proposal, which he would take the time to type out. Once it’s typed out and notarized he’d put it in a pile so that his assistant can later come in and send out.

After having approved the final documentations for purgatory Nasaki then moved on to Anbu Divisions assignments. Much like Rai is hyper descriptive and damn near erotic with the way he writes things, Takahiro is the complete opposite. He lacks tons of description so much that Nasaki was worried that in a situation of life and death that if he had to give detailed description of whats going on that he wouldn’t be capable of doing such. So to fix this problem Nasaki had takahiro hire himself a person for documentation like this. Now things are clearer although Nasaki can tell that the writer had difficulty getting the information of exactly what happened from Takahiro. When did he become such a introverted person? But that’s not neither here nor there, when Nasaki checks Anbu division reports hes always interested in the new missing ninja recruits. The job of the hell division is to also find new recruits and make recruits out of missing ninja through conversion. But what they usually discover when encountering with missing ninja is that they purposely chose to leave their factions due to criminal charges against them. So hell division soldiers constantly find themselves in strange situations where they are reading people and one person read the wrong way can mean an ambush.

Missing ninja tend to have a change in personality regardless if they were murders before or not. The struggle of being out on their own usually causes them to make the shift in personality which at times lead to violent tenancies. So unfortunately most missing nin reports end in them being cut down by Takahiro or another anbu division members blade. At times, its reversed and that’s the worst times, because then it’s a lost in our ranks, a lost in our brotherhood and a lost in moral. Plus Sunagakure would most of the time bring provisions to their families and financial aid for the duration of that family’s residence in suna. People don’t get to hear much about the anbudivision but its division is obviously important to the ranks. Some soldiers found out there in the wild actually become helpful assets to the ranks of the Sunagakure . These are the best cases and have happened many times. This time the report was a bit different, Anbu divisions report was about interrogation process. Part of Sky divisions over seeing is neutral relations, there will be times where missing ninja come from either Sunagakure or Shogun and depending on who they are and what they’ve done we must maintain neutral relationships with the two factions. So we can’t interrogate certain high rank deserters because of the chance that we might obtain high quality information from them that could enrage either side if we found out. Some cases we interrogate these people anyway and use that information to make preparations for if a faction follows through on threats to another. But in cases like this we ought to just return this high ranked deserter back to his/ her faction. Its important to be sensitive to these matters because for the most part we don’t want any of these factions thinking of taking us out. Although this is rare, if that were the case we’d be ready for them, but why not avoid the disgraceful confrontation. Good thing about hell division stuff is that the information comes across so basic that it’s easier to run through it all. In a matter of two hours or so Nasaki was done with proposals and documents pertaining to Anbu division issues.
Finally Nasaki would get to another important issue this time from Ground division. Ground division is our first line of defense in terms of ground work. They lay down traps and defenses for war time purposes. These traps that they so expertly lay out help prevent battles from breaking out from within our walls. They also serve almost like the police force here in the Sunagakure . They walk about the parameters searching for suspicious activity and helping civilians with their domestic concerns. This document was about gang activity in the nearby area. Gang members have been spotted recruiting people near the area. This has proven to become a big problem because small gangs can easily become large militia groups with enough following. Gangs also have a history of going completely opposite from what they normally intend. This can go from having to incarcerate leaders of this gang being as bad as having to take out members of the group. The worst case that has happened over history so far is a gang that started to build strong holds right outside of suna. That gang later started to affiliate themselves with missing ninja that they’d encounter with promises of taking out the Sunagakure and paying them what they deserve. When the heads of this gang lost their lives, the gang lost their direction and with new leadership the gang became a small militia at the doors. No matter how hard Anbu division and captains attempted the reason with them, they just became a bunch of terrorists. So the day came when they made their move, and Sunagakures had to take them out. It was a massive killing that would go down as a dark day for Sunagakure . Since that day we started to take special attention to these growing groups. Although we try to completely rid groups like the el churrascos but with organizations like that it’s hard to find hideouts and members that blend in to every day society.

So Nasaki mostly approves warrants for this division to go into houses and inspect the place. Otherwise people wouldn’t feel like they had enough privacy which in most cases is a really bad thing and usually leads to many people lashing out at the authorities. At least with the warrants people feel safer thinking that at least the inspection isn’t one official misusing their power. After a long day of approving so many warrants and arrests armen puts away the work and is able to call it a day. Finally it was time to take care of this whole weeks long training ordeal. So He’d make his way to his training grounds a few hours before dark. Excited about what hes going to do today he’d stop by a shop to buy some food and drinks so that he would not need to leave the area. His plan was to lock himself into his work for the day and not leave until he has completed everything that he said he was going to do. Once there he’d put down his weaponry and start to form clones to help him read all the books he had to cover about what he was trying to do. While the clones read the books Nasaki was sparing with one in a corner while the others figure this thing out. Finally after an hour or so they’ve figured out how to get it done. Nasaki would get into his fighting stance while the clones got into position. They would all go at each other using solely hand to hand combat at first. This tactic could’ve been the one they’ve decided to use simply to wear Nasaki out a bit faster. They’d exchange blows both not being very efficient in hand to hand combat. Every blow Nasaki would take would just get him more and more tired. Making it easier for the clones to chip away at Nasaki’s resilience with every punch and kick to his body. His body would turn a bright brown from the beatings as he would slowly begin to retreat, not yet seizing on the punches that he is throwing. He is determined to outlast his own clones in hand to hand combat. Slowly but surely they started to poof away one by one as he’d land solid hits on them.

After dispersing the last clone he’d fall to the ground breathing hard with a face covered with blood and bruises. He’d only create more this time they’d incorporate the boomerangs which he barely could find the energy to avoid. But on top of the incoming boomerangs he had to endure more hand to hand assaults. He was really starting to get torn down from the assault but he would not give up. A boomerang would hit his shoulder causing further damage which would cause him to slow down even more. Enraged he’d manage to release some boomerangs of his own that would meet their mark. This would bring him some relieve as a few would poof away and he’d combat the remaining ones the same way. Nasaki can feel himself reaching his limit but he wasn’t about to give up on it, he would keep pushing until he physically feels his limits snap in half. A mighty roar would be let out by him as he finally gets another one right in the chest and he’d continue his assault. It was surprising to all when Nasaki let out a sudden burst in confidence help the adrenaline pump through his body.

Finally he’d take out the remaining two and fall to the ground. Once he fell he’d create more clones which would only further exhaust his reserves. Though it further exhausted him, he would not have issues with his reserves. It was his body that was growing weak with every blow and every shot that he took. He’d struggle to find his legs to get up as the clones actually came back in a similar shape. Nasaki dug real deep to find the strength and the courage to rise to his feet and combat the clones. But there was more of them then there were of Nasaki, each time helping one another up on their feet to deliver big shots to Nasaki. With each shot Nasaki would fall to the ground and struggle to find his way up again. At some point he took a shot and was knocked out for a few seconds before instinctively getting back up to his feet. He was moving back and forth like a zombie, he was going down, but out of nowhere he’d break his limits. When they least expected it, he’d suddenly bursting with a random energy making him resemble a person who just started his battle. It was unreal the moves that he was doing, making the clones poof away with every successful strike. Finally he reached the last one, and that last one got a little motivation of its own putting up a very good fight before Nasaki would just launch a boomerang at him a split second faster due to positioning. After completing this battle he just fell to the ground and passed out.
He would not come through until three hours later when it would start raining very heavy and soaking his entire body. He’d wake up and slowly get up to gather his things and begin to march himself home. He was in extremely bad shape very vulnerable situation for himself, which is what captains urge one another to not be caught in. After dragging himself around for a couple of miles, he would finally find himself at his own door step. He’d make his way to the shower and take a nice cold shower to reduce the swelling followed by a hot shower to keep him from catching a cold. Hed then get out and begin to treat his wounds. After that hed smile to himself knowing that he completed what he set out to do today. The day was over but his mission was a success. Nasaki became the second strongest man alive through the success of today’s personal mission.

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Strength in hard work.

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