Kazetora's Missions

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Name: Patrol And Defense 1
Rank: C
Location: Konohagakure
Enemies: 3 genin 1 chuunin
Rewards: 50,000
People Preferred: Team 1
Requester: Konoha
Setting Description: A new team of aspiring young shinobi, led by a well known elder amongst the village of Konoha, the team upon requesting their first mission are given standard daily patrol for two day's in order too fulfill the contract. In the current times things are more lacking and areas depend less on villages as a whole for protection; the village has organized a faux test for the team they will be pitted against a attacking shinobi party in which they must subdue the targets and not kill them.

Kazetora yawned a bit as he left his home.  He had been assigned a mission that was typically assigned to entire starter teams by himself by his Sensei and Cousin: Uchiha Haru, one of the village elders.  He grumbled a bit, he was to patrol the village and stop any undesirables from entering it.  He sighed as he knew he would just have to get this over with, after all with all his strength he should be more than capable of handling such a simple task.   He would slowly approach the gate that he was assigned to guard for the next forty-eight hours.

As he approached, one of the Chūnin guards that normally guarded the village left, apparently Kazetora was meant to be the relief for this man.  Taking his seat, the Uchiha would wait for the pseudo attack to come to the gate.  He was told that some Shinobi would try to breach the gate he was guarding and it was his job to stop them, this was a test of his ability to capture but not kill opponents.   While he waited, he could hear in the back of his mind the old fox starting to talk to him about something.

What are we doing here Uchiha-Brat? I thought you were going to be training more! Didn’t that Haru lady tell you to get stronger or something? Why are you just sitting in this chair?” Kazetora audibly sighed.  He then closed one eye, for those who knew him well it was a sign that he was going to speak to Kurama whilst still trying to keep his attention on the real world “Listen here you old fox bastard, Haru also told me to go prove my worth to the village by doing some missions, then she threw the scroll containing THIS mission at me, what do you expect me to do? Go against her? Do you want us to die a horrible death? No? Didn’t think so!

Kazetora then mentally began to turn away from the fox who was still audibly grumbling about this all.  However it was around then that a little old man approached the check in station that was situated just within the gates of the village.  He presented some papers that were all valid and reliable when suddenly a group of four Shinobi appeared.  They were obviously trained Shinobi of Chūnin and Genin levels from how they held themselves.

They instantly threw Kunai at the Uchiha directly, ignoring the old man and the other guard who had let the old man into the village.  Kazetora’s Sharingan quickly activated and he dodged the attack, the blade of the Kunai just barely cutting some hair from his head.  He was quick to move, suddenly he was vaulting over the desk of the check in point where the guards sat, throwing several pens and pencils at the intruders as they came towards the boy. He watched as one of the three Genin took the writing utensil’s to the face covering.  However, the young Uchiha was not done yet, he instantly began to weave his hands in a complicated series of handseals before holding his hand to his mouth.  He then released onto one of the three Genin a large number of small fire balls, burning him severely and harming him with the Housenka no Jutsu.  The boy instantly dropped to the ground and began rolling around to try to put the fire that was on his chest out.  The boy was clearly in agony, but neither his allies nor Kazetora had time to worry about that, he would survive but likely be horribly disfigured on his torso.

The remaining two Genin then charged towards Kazetora who deftly dodged them with his crimson eyes telling him exactly which ways the two would be moving.  He then delivered two swift punches to the backs of their necks sending them down for a while so that he could focus on the true threat of the group now that there was no team to work together: the Chūnin.  Kazetora squared off a bit, giving the two of them a little bit of space as they stared one another down.  Kazetora knew nothing of his foe so he was going to allow him to make the first move, his Sharingan trained on the man’s entire body, focusing almost solely on that.

It took almost no time before the two were moving at each other at full speed once more, clashing punches with one another.  Kazetora did not have the speed to dodge the Chūnin’s attacks but he could block them with his own attacks.  Evenly matching each blow and negating their power at the right time he watched as the man began to fear him a bit, his Crimson eyes searing their look into the man’s soul...or at least that's how it seemed to Kazetora.

The Uchiha and the Chūnin then disengaged one another, both leaping away, putting roughly two meters of space between them.  The opponent then began to weave a series of hanseals, whilst the Red Haired Uchiha formed one, the one for the Shadow Clone Jutsu.  Suddenly there were two clones with the original for a total of three Kazetora’s.  A sight that his team would hate because that would mean more bad jokes for them.  For the Chūnin that meant that he was in danger.

Kazetora and his clones quickly charged forth, stopping the man from forming his handseals with a series of punches and kicks at random intervals from random angles.  For anyone without some sort of Dojutsu such as the Sharingan, keeping track of all the attacks would be nigh impossible.  The only other way would be if they were vastly stronger than the Chūnin was and able to use many years of experience to aid them in the tracking of the attacks.  If the Chūnin was able to get even a little time between the attacks, he could likely figure out the pattern, but Kazetora would not allow the man that chance.

The original Kazetora then leapt out of the fray allowing his two clones to continue to press the attack.  He had an idea, if the two clones could keep the man busy it would allow Kazetora the chance to weave some handseals for more complicated Jutsu.  He then began to, when he could hear the familiar voice of Kurama in his mind.  “Yes, Kill him Uchiha-brat! Kill him and increase the Curse of Hatred within you! It’ll allow you to get even more of my power! You’ll be an even larger part of my hate! DO IT!”  Kazetora grumbled, he could feel the anger rising in him.

Despite knowing that this was just a mock mission, he wanted to kill the Chūnin who dared to attack him.  Though he was able to stifle that feeling. He continued to form his handseals, allowing his hands to dance through the familiar sensations as his two clones pushed the Chūnin hard, though he was slowly beginning to gain the upper hand in that small skirmish.  He was going to end this small attack here and now, the man in front of him would be given no warning for what was about to happen.

Suddenly as he finished molding his chakra the Uchiha let loose a breath of air, his hand in front of his mouth as a large stream of fire was sent straight towards the three that were engaged in a difficult fight.  As it reached them, the stream suddenly ballooned out into a large ball of flames, engulfing the three of them.  The two clones took the hit and were destroyed as easily as they were created, their chakra returning to the original Kazetora.  However, the Chunin was not as lucky as the two clones were and despite just barely noticing the attack he was still caught by it.

He was caught, but just barely, he suffered only second degree burns but those could be healed over time without too much scarring.  Panting a bit, the Uchiha looked at the four men as they lay on the ground unconscious and alive but badly burned in a few cases.  His Sharingan would deactivate once he was sure that the men were down for the count.  He could now feel the fatigue and soreness that the two Shadow Clones had brought to him when they were destroyed.

Kazetora then walked over to the table and pulled a series of handcuffs from a drawer and placed them around the wrists of all four men.  “Well...Which one of us writes the report for this...’incursion’ that I stopped?” Asked Kazetora with a bit of a smirk on his face, the three men were now secured in a small temporary jail cell behind the gatehouse to await transfer to the hospital or the Konohagakure prison...or their homes as this was just a mission and they were not really attacking the village nor actual enemies of the village.  Kazetora may have gone a bit overboard in his fighting, but he made sure that the four men definitely would survive the attack...

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Name: Bandit Camp
Rank: C-Rank
Location: Land of Fire
Enemies: 10 or more regular bandits
Rewards: 80,000
People Preferred: A team or whatever will just get it done.
Requester: That hermit in the hills.
Setting Description: So turns out there is this hermit that is actually really wealthy. He lives out in the middle of nowhere of his own choice despite his wealth. However recently a group of bandits have moved in nearby to his dwelling. They make him nervous take them out and make an example out of them so that other bandits don't move in nearby. At least that's what the hermit wants. Maybe just leave one alive to send a message.

Kazetora walked from the gates of the village, he was still a bit sore from his mission the day prior to this, he was tasked this time with something where he could really flex his strength. Something he was excited to do, he was tasked this time with clearing out a bandit camp by any means necessary. This time he did not need to worry about not accidentally killing those who stood before him. This made him feel a little bit more enthusiastic. Kazetora hated holding back in a fight, or maybe that was Kurama’s influence over him that lead to that, it was impossible to know nor did the Uchiha really care.

As he walked towards the area near the hermit’s camp where the bandits were he began to speak out loud, nowhere near the camp and with no one near him as far as he could tell. “Well Old Man, looks like you get to let some stress out, doesn’t that just tickle the cockles of your cold heart?” Kazetora laughed a bit as the Nine Tailed Fox shouted something at him that he simply tuned out, Kazetora had been annoyed during the last mission by the fox and now it was his turn to annoy him.

Kazetora slowly approached the camp, there were around ten people milling about, one of them looked a bit stronger than the rest. That was likely the leader of the group. His black orbs that were his eyes were scanning the field, the camp itself was pretty small, mostly flammable. This would be an easy mission for an Uchiha who had a large number of fire based Jutsu. He smirked to himself. How he wished he could let Kurama out to play, but he knew that would end with the beast taking full control of his body, something he would rather avoid.

Kazetora then made a quick handseal and brought fourth four shadow clones, his chakra spread evenly between them and himself. The group all knew the plan, they would spread out evenly along the outer edge of the camp, silently, so as not to arouse the suspicions of those within the camp. Once they were in place, they all began to form their handseals and mold their chakra. Unless the enemy had a sensor type ninja with them, this next part would be the end for most of their group.

The group of Kazetora’s would all suddenly let out a total of five massive balls of fire into the camp, all using the Great Fireball Jutsu. The clones would blow out long streams of fire that would coalesce into large balls. Soon the camp would be ablaze with a thick, black smoke rising from the mostly wood campsite. Several of the weaker bandits that were unlucky would be caught in the initial blaze and burn to death in their respective balls of fire, leaving about half the bandits there, some on fire and burning brightly. The rest scorched but still quite combat capable.

By now the smell of human flesh burning could be smelled for miles. It was an acrid smell, one that still bothered Kazetora to a degree, but he was focused. The five Kazetora soon leapt up and charged into the now burning field, their Sharingan active as they did. Each one began a heated battle with the original Kazetora taking on the leader. The fighting was rather intense, each of the remaining bandits about as strong as the average Genin. However, Kazetora himself was no push over, and this fight was but a stepping stone for him.

He also knew that there was no room for failure as far as he was concerned. He had been told by Haru to do missions and was assigned this one by her this morning. He knew that if he had failed and survived that she would kill him, and if had died and failed, well she would drag him back to the world of the living and kill him again. He was almost as afraid of her as he was of losing what little control he had over Kurama. At least Kurama could be reasoned with to some extent, Haru herself well...she was truly a monster.

He respected her, but knew that one wrong move meant he would be joining his ancestors in the grave. However, that line of thought was soon broken as a Shadow Clone and a bandit killed each other. The clone disappearing in a puff of smoke whilst the bandit fell over, the flames soon engulfing his body. Kazetora knew that soon this entire campsite would be totally engulfed in flames and as such he would need to move quickly if he wanted to survive and not die with these bandits.

Soon another clone had defeated one of their bandits, the body being engulfed as well but instead of disappearing the clone moved to assist one of its brethren. Meanwhile the real Kazetora and the bandit leader disengaged and the bandit said something about knowing who he was messing with, that he would be dead for his transgressions and blah blah blah. It was the typical sort of ‘oh look at me, I am such a big bad ass, tremble in my wake’ sort of talk that Kazetora had heard from others. He knew this bandit was so much weaker than Haru that he simply could not care less about his boasting.

When the man finally finished speaking, Kazetora smirked and said “Is that all? Are we done Mr Bad Ass? ‘cause ya got me tremblin’ in my boots here! Maybe I should run home to mommy now and have her give me some cookies and milk to calm me down? Think that’s a smart idea do we?” Kazetora let out a loud laugh as his crimson eyes studied the man carefully, ready to spring into action if the man himself started a renewed attack on Kazetora. The Uchiha was ready for anything to happen at this point as he felt one of his clones explode, thankfully it was the one that had gone to assist another one.

You don’t scare my you asshole, I’m going to kill you, collect the money for completing this mission and hope to god that my Sensei Haru doesn’t get mad at me for burning this section of forest down. You’ve messed with Konoha and the Uchiha clan, now its time for you to die.” Kazetora then pointed to his eyes with his right thumb, letting him take a moment to see the singular tomoe Sharingan that he possessed.

The Uchiha boy then charged at the man, tired of waiting as Kurama said “Good, you’re letting people learn your name now just long enough to fear you before they die. You are learning well from me Uchiha-brat. Now kill this fool and return home as you said! I don’t like liars, and as my host you shouldn’t be caught lying unnecessarily! Finish this with a little grace too! Clean the ground, glass it with my strength!” Kurama could be long winded at times, but in this case he was not too inaccurate with what Kazetora had planned on doing.

Kazetora could feel another clone and bandit each striking one another down, the clone disappearing as the bandit fell down to the ground, blood leaking from the wound the clone had struck. It was time to end this fight, Kazetora then decided to stop holding back, ducking under an incoming kick from the bandit, he would grasp the man’s leg with his left hand before driving his right up into his crotch, shattering his family jewels. However, he was not quite done yet, the boy then used all his physical strength to lift the man up high into the air.

Once he had done that he slammed him down to the ground hard, right atop one of the logs the bandits used for a makeshift seat, shattering several of the bandit’s vertebrae. Once the man let out a loud squeal of pain and terror, the Uchiha dragged him down a bit so the man’s head was in the perfect spot for leverage for what he was about to do. “Any last words scumbag? No? Good.” Before the man could utter a word the Uchiha lifted his leg up high and drove it down onto the man’s skull, breaking his cervical vertebrae and part of his brain stem.

I just hit the off switch on your leader, run.” Was all that the young man would say and the last two bandits would run, likely to spread word of the single Genin who just single handidly took down this entire bandit camp. As he released the Shadow Clone technique, Kazetora walked from the camp, the last remnants of it becoming engulfed, burning away the corpses fully at this point. Looking up as he deactivated his Sharingan, he could feel the winds changing to indicate the rain was coming, so could he taste the salt in the wind. It was going to do the job of putting the flames out for him. Then, almost without warning the skies opened up and began to pour down rain on the battlefield, drenching the flames almost instantly...

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Name: I like Girls
Rank: C-Rank
Location: Konoha
Enemies: the NPC requester
Rewards: 40,000
People Preferred: 1 chuunin or whatever
Requester: Pedo man
Setting Description: You've been hired by one of the citizens to help them find and romance the most beautiful women in the village. Normally we don't even accept these missions but this one is an exception because the client doesn't discriminant against age and can sometimes get violent or otherwise take illegal action. We want you to pretend to assist him to keep an eye on him make sure he doesn't do anything.

Kazetora yawned a bit, he had a boring mission this day. A local lecher had requested a Shinobi to help him find girls to...’party’ with as it were. Normally this could be fun, but something strange about the mission, he had no minimum age despite being rather quite a bit older than some of the girls he ended up staring at with his perverted eyes, girls that could be described as being too young even for Kazetora’s standards. The council had noted that part of the mission would be to keep the pervert from those too young for him.

Oi, Uchiha-Brat...this pervert...why don’t we just kill him and be done with it? It would be so much easier, he disgusts even me...” Kazetora closed one of his eyes as he continued to keep the other trained on the man he was walking with. “I would love to just kill this...person and be done with it, but unfortunately he is the mission’s client so I would likely fail and not be paid...oh and probably be thrown in jail...but, it might be worth it to rid the world of this disgusting creature from our world, don’t you agree Old Man?

Kazetora and Kurama let out a loud laugh inside the mental space as Kazetora opened his second eye noticing the old pervert going towards a group of academy school age girls. Suddenly a disgusting feeling reached the pit of his stomach and Kazetora jumped in front of the man, shaking his head. The man then said “Awww, but look at the cute little things! I really wanna play with one or two of them! I’m sure that they would like it...eventually!” It took everything Kazetora had to not punch the man in the face right then and there.

However, the Uchiha held his ground and glared at the man “Move along Old Timer or I will make you.” The man grumbled about Kazetora being a spoil sport, and how he could not believe that he got the most boring Shinobi in all the land for his escort this mission. Kazetora simply rolled his eyes and the two would continue to walk through the village. Every once in a while Kazetora would catch the old man looking at a girl much...much….MUCH younger than himself, but was holding himself back still. However, the Uchiha’s stomach would still turn every time he noticed such looks.

Kazetora would hang a bit back behind the man, walking in a slower but steady pace. Mostly there to protect the man from the adult women who would try to beat the pervert to death for whatever he said or well as to stop the man from going within a thousand meters of any young girls as best he could. The day was more or less just one giant waste of time for him, why Haru had assigned him this mission he would never know. He was going to have to have a talk with the Elder Uchiha when all of this was said and done.

However, things would soon take a turn as the man would start to walk towards a few young girls, children really, near a candy store in the village. Kazetora was just about fed up with this disgusting old man and his perverted actions. Walking in front of the man, he would shake his head and hold his arms outstretched once more, this time turning his head to the side to shout “Hey girls, you should run on home, it’s startin’ to get late, ya know?

The group of girls would giggle and run off, smiling and chattering, none the wiser nor really even noticing the Uchiha blocking the man who was trying to chase after them. The man sneered at Kazetora, obviously upset by the Uchiha stopping the pervert from going after his intended targets for some partying. His face began to grow red. It went past just embarrassed or sort of angry and straight to beet red, as he was about to explode and was trying to reign in his own temper. Kazetora realized this and smirked at the man, turning his head back to fully face the man.

The man lost it when he saw the Uchiha smirking at him and began to shout “HOW DARE YOU STOP ME! I HIRED YOU TO HELP ME GET A GIRL OR TWO FOR MY PRIVATE PARTY TONIGHT! YOU’RE NOT DOING YOUR JOB! YOU SHOULD BE GRATEFUL FOR THE WORK! DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH MONEY I’M SPENDING ON THIS?!” He was yelling loud enough that people in the vicinity could hear. The man was shouting so loud that he was spitting on Kazetora as he spoke. Blinking a bit, the Uchiha expected the shouting but not the water works.

Ok there Sakura, I didn’t ask for the news let alone the weather, now calm it down, stop yelling and lets head back to the Hokage tower so that you can say you struck out but I did my job PERFECTLY or else I’ll simply arrest your pedophiliac ass right now. Either way its a mission complete for me at this point, you either say I did my job right or I do my job right and arrest you. What do you think your choice will be this fine day?” The man stared at Kazetora dumbfounded, mouth agape so long that a fly literally landed on his tongue before he reacted.

The man eventually grumbled something, barely audible. “What? I couldn’t hear you pervert. Try that again.” The man then began to grumble more, a bit louder this time however “A bit longer...I refuse to spend tonight alone...or in a jail cell, so a little longer...please.” Kazetora let out yet another loud laugh at the man, he was a pathetic loser that no one would spend the night with even if he was filthy rich...which it seemed he was to be able to hire a Shinobi at all.

Kazetora watched the man begin to grow angry again suddenly, realizing that the Uchiha was laughing at him, at this point Kazetora’s laughter was joined – at least in his mind – by Kurama. This man was just a pathetic waste of space at this point and many people in the area could see that. The crowd that gathered around the two of them even began to laugh at this perverted old man who thought he was entitled to anything more than their laughter and disdain for what he was at this stage in his life. It would be even funnier if it was not so sad and just pathetic.

No. No more time. Lets go degenerate.” Said the Red Haired man as he began to walk away towards the Hokage tower. That was when the man snapped and suddenly threw a punch at the back of Kazetora’s head with all of his strength behind it. With almost no effort at all, Kazetora ducked right under the fist. The man was far below him as far as combat potential could be described, dodging it was almost easier than dodging the punch of an infant. The man was old, slow and beginning to balloon at the waistline.

As he ducked under the man’s fist, he rose up, his right hand balled into a fist and driving upwards into the man’s jawline. As he rose his eyes stayed black orbs...they were even closed as he felt his fist connect with the man’s fist. He could hear the snap of fist meeting jaw. It was a deafening sound as he followed through, rising off his feet into the air about half a meter. When he landed, he saw the man on the ground, holding his mouth, tears streaming from his eyes as he cried like the pathetic old man he was.

He was trying to speak, but found a certain difficulty with such an act now that his jaw had been broken, probably in at least two places from how hard Kazetora had punched him. Turning around, the young Uchiha opened just one of his eyes and spit on the man. “You disgust me you old pervert. You’re lucky I don’t kill you, now get up before I rethink that decision.” Kazetora then reached down and grabbed the man by his shirt and hoisted him up to his feet. Then without any words he would march him off to the Hokage tower.

Once he was at the tower, the Uchiha would throw the man on the floor of the receptionist who helped take in mission reports as well as divvy out payments and said “Here. This is the old pervert that requested help in getting girls. Several times I stopped him from going after young children. Lock him up.” The woman behind the desk gave the Uchiha a smile and slid out an envelope that was full of the man’s money and congratulated him on a job well done. She also added that thanks to his hard work another disgusting member of society would end up where they belonged.

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A few days after he had brought in the old perverted guy, a similar mission to that had crossed the desk of the village once more. It was from a woman this time, hoping to find boys this time, and once more Haru threw the mission at Kazetora and told him to get to it. With a heavy sigh the Uchiha found his way to the woman he was supposed to be protecting, and nearly lost his breakfast when had seen her. She was heavy, but not fat, her face was creased with wrinkles that she tried to hide with make up and had a heavy dosage of dye in her graying hair.

She looked at him the way the man from the other day was looking at the girls and he immediately realized that he must be in trouble with Haru or something because this was just pure torture. He groaned audibly and shook his head “Listen here you old hag, I am not interested in you. Try to come near me outside of my duties and I’ll put you on the ground, do we have an understanding? Yes? Good.” Kazetora sighed, he was just beginning to lay down the ground rules to this woman.

Hoping she was not like the old man from before he decided to not make mention of his arrest and antics from the other day. He sighed as the two of them began to walk through the village. Kazetora stayed a few steps behind the...wildebeest of a woman. He was not happy with this assignment chain he had been given, wondering just how much punishment one Genin can endure for something he did not even know he had done wrong. Kazetora walked with his hands clasped behind his head, his gait somewhat slowed.

The only part of him that looked serious were his eyes. He was keeping an eye on the woman as well as anyone who would try to attack her. Like the man from the other day it was clear she was of opulent means, she wore expensive cloth for clothes, had pearl necklaces and diamond jewelry adorning her fat fingers and hanging from her fat ears. The only small part about the woman was her nose, which Kazetora assumed spent most of the time pointed towards the sky in a snobbish manner unless she wanted something.

Even then she likely looked down on everyone else. Kazetora watched her carefully, she started out more or less normal. Flirting with men that at least LOOKED to be above the age of consent in the village. Though, like he thought the woman was being turned down by every male she approached, it would be hilarious if it was not so sad and disappointing. She continued, though he could tell that her temper was starting to get the better of her. Kazetora however was able to calm her down somehow when her anger began to rise with each refusal of her advances.

Things were going...well, at least as far as Kazetora was concerned. But when he had turned his back for a moment when a kindly old man had come up to him asking for directions to a restaurant, he noticed the woman was nowhere to be seen...A feat that was pretty impressive for a woman of her age and size. However, when he was able to locate her again, he found her in a place he had hoped not to find her at all, hoping that she was better than the male pervert from the other day.

Sighing he walked up to the woman, who had surrounded herself with young boys barely of age for the Shinobi Academy. As he got closer to her, he could hear her talking to them about something to do with how they spend their time after school and how she could “teach them the joys of BDSM” and how she could “help them grow up into fine young men faster than any Shinobi Academy could.” This nauseated the Uchiha and it took all he could to simply not vomit on the ground as he approached her. Thankfully, the young boys she was chatting up were smarter than the average child and laughed her off as the walked away.

Kazetora could not help but smirk as she yelled at them that she could pay them if they wanted. Sighing, Kazetora tapped the woman’s shoulder and held up a single finger. “That is going to be strike one for trying to pick up those young men. Its also strike two for propositioning them with money or other monetary goods, shall we go for strike three right now and end this little...debacle now or shall we go back to the calm day we were having before?” As Kazetora had spoke, when he said Strike Two he had held up a second finger.

He could see that she was beginning to grow upset with him, not that he cared. Much like the old pervert from the other day she did not look like much of a threat to him at all. Kazetora glared at the woman, he put on a serious face, his arms crossed in front of his chest as if to say ‘No, you cannot convince me otherwise.’ He then began to tap his foot on the ground in an impatient manner and said “Now, shall we move along and finish the day up?”

The woman would begin to turn and walk away once more, but then got a brilliant least, it was to her. She tried to make a break for it. She tried to run towards the Shinobi Academy thinking that she would find lots of young boys there, one of them was bound to take her up on her idea, they were young. They were Dumb. They were POOR! She had money which she felt entitled her to do what she liked with those who had no money.

Kazetora sighed, he did not like the idea of having to chase this elephant down. But, that was what he ended up having to do. It was easy for a trained Shinobi like him to easily catch up to the elephant and then overtake her. He would give her a few meters, about five, to slow down. He figured that would be enough time to bleed off all the momentum that she had picked up during her mad dash. What the Uchiha did not expect however was her suddenly turning right, down an alley way that could easily get her behind him.

Luckily, Kazetora knew the village layout pretty good, after all he had lived there his entire life. With that knowledge he had moved to the most likely point of exit for the woman and stood there, his eyes glowing red so as to signify that his Sharingan was active and ready to predict her movements. He was not going to put up with any such nonsense of this woman. He was fed up with all of this nonsense. He was tired of these annoying missions of guarding pedophiles. He was going to have a serious talk with Haru about this next time he had a chance, that was for sure.

When the rotund woman rounded the corner, now walking and out of breath, she almost instantly saw the Uchiha standing at the end of the alleyway. “OH COME ON!” She shouted as she stood there, gasping for air, doubled over with her sausage fingers on her large knees. “I’m impressed you could run in a dress and heels for more than two feet, you do get some long was it after you turned the corner away from me that you slowed to a walk? Five seconds? Two? I truly wish to know.

Kazetora started to walk towards her. He already had enough proof of her misgivings, her crimes had many witnesses, several of whom were higher ranking Shinobi that would have nothing to gain about lying to the village council about her deeds. He was going to bring her in, that much was certain, but he did not have a tractor to pull her with nor even a crane to lift her. “I wonder if I can get disability for breaking my back if I gotta carry this beast back to the tower by myself...” Muttered the Uchiha under his breath.

He was not caring if he was polite or professional anymore. He had now two of these types, he sighed as he grabbed the woman by her wrist. He grabbed tight enough that she was complaining that he was hurting her. He ignored her, dragging her all the way back to the Hokage Tower. Once he was there he shoved her and said “Caught this one in the act of trying to persuade young academy age boys to sleep with her. I considered carrying her...but I don’t think you’d want to pay my medical bills for the broken spine after. Figured her complaining that I hurt her fat hand would be enough force to bring her in...” Kazetora then waited for his payment.

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Kazetora's Missions

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