Festival of Tails (Info Topic)

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The Festival of Tails is a newer festival, started by the Kage just before Aiyana had the title given to her, that deals not with what everyone would expect it to be. Most assume it is for the tailed beasts, which is only a part of it. It is a festival to celebrate all tailed creatures, whether a humanoid line with a genetic anomaly or the simple coiled tail of a small pig.

Throughout the day, entertainers use their skills and abilities to wow the crowds while wearing the masks and tails of the animals they have chosen. Scattered throughout the village, and the area around the village in some instances, are food and drink carts as well as a multitude of games and events. Multiple areas for an animal capture game can be found, and other small childrens games can be sought out for those that want simple things to do on their own or with a small child.

At the start of sunset and until the end of each night, a couple of dances are planned with calm music. This allows for dates to be had for those wishing to be romantic during the festival.

The festival is open to all, and the rules are simple. No fighting, no hostility, and no trespassing into areas that are not deemed appropriate for the festival.

Areas open to the public and all visitors: The temples, the library, anywhere outside not fenced off for privacy.
Those found breaking rules or trespassing will be treated as if they are invading the village, and arrest attempts or more will be attempted.

The festival will go on from 17/01/20-29/2/20 so that any that wish to participate can! No solo topics are allowed for the festival, it's meant for fun and game with others!
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Festival of Tails (Info Topic)

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