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Name: Lost Dog
Rank: D
Location: Suna
Enemies: Dog
Rewards: 20,000 / 0 if you keep the dog
People Preferred: 1 Genin should be enough or else you will be shamed
Requester: Dog Owner
Setting Description: Someone lost their dog. Go fetch it but be careful. It's owner has been treating it poorly and we've received complaints in the past it bites people.

Ronku was back in the business of being a ninja, a man far older than many of his fellow genin, he had felt intimidated by how advance many of his peers were. Ronku was a simple farmer and it had been many years since he attended the academy. All the youngsters were fresh out of school and much smarter than he was. There was only one thing that Ronku could fall back on in this situation which was his brute strength and willingness to work hard day in and day out. Rain or shine he would give it his all to climb up the ranks, he was determined for his mother’s sake. Ronku was up 5 A.M. in his little small cottage where his mother had been up hours before preparing his breakfast and lunch for the day. The warm smell of oats filled the living room where Ronku hung his clothes from the day prior. Ronku got dressed and sat down with his mother and had a delicious bowl of oatmeal with fruit before rushing out the door with his lunch which was rice and thin flank steaks cooked to perfection. Ronku running with a slight jog wearing a special tank top since it was his first day back as a genin, a blue and white striped tank top, and sporting blue jeans, a belt, and flat black sneakers that cut off just below his ankles.

Ronku made his way into town, the sand was uneasy which usually meant a sand storm was coming. Upon arrival to the mission board, Ronku grabbed missions like hotcakes he knew that they would all be gone in the next couple hours. Ronku scanned through the list looking for the easiest one to do first. “A missing dog ay” Ronku mumbled to himself. Ronku engraved the picture of the dog that was centered on the front page of the mission a large dog who looked like someone from a clan would only have the capabilities of controlling. Ronku ran down to the market, the only people he knew that would be up at this time, as he traveled, he began developing a game plan. The mission mentioned that the dog was very timid and a danger not to be taken lightly, and the last thing Ronku wanted to do was resort to violence, but he would not hesitate if he felt endangered. This mission needed more than brute force, and he had just the idea. Ronku jogged into the market and made an abrupt stop at the first stand now breathing deeply and gasping for air. Ronku raised the depiction of the dog to the merchant and muttered between gasps “have you seen this dog?” The merchant shook his head and then turned around as if angry that Ronku had wasted his time. Ronku disregarded the gesture and continued biting his lip and continued with the seemingly silly task. Ronku finally had a lead someone had seen a monstrous dog that barked at them and then darted off in fear. Ronku grabbed a couple of items from one of the merchants, tools to unravel his plan. Ronku took his small plastic bag of supplies and continued on his light jog toward the Suna school where the beastly dog had last been spotted roaming. Ronku saw house lights flicker on, the sun began creeping over the horizon. Ronku knew there were only hours before his efforts would be useless, the dog would likely hurt a child and be put down. A ravaging beast who is just misunderstood, Ronku reading more and more of the mission during his travels could not help to see himself a little in the dog. Ronku sped up to a full sprint leaving a trail of sand in his wake. Ronku saw the dog off in the distance watching the school whining, sitting, and wagging its tail. Ronku dug through the bag and took out a large cow bone and a bowl of fish heads. Ronku got free scraps from some of the merchants in town. Ronku whistled at the dog and shook the bowl and walked behind the nearest little townhouse and poked his head out from the wall to watch. Ronku waited a few minutes and he hid behind the wall hoping that soon the dog would eat the food it was just a matter of time before the kids would start walking to school. Ronku heard a joyous sound, a slurping of the fish guts. Ronku peaked over the corner once more and after the dog finished with the food, he stuck out the massive cow bone and whistled to the dog. The dog seemed to be calm and relaxed, it had a slight pause before walking towards Ronku. Ronku lured the dog deeper into the alleyway between the two townhouses. Once he was deep in the alleyway he sat down and pulled the dog closer and closer and finally gave the dog the bone and then genteelly he took firm hold of the dog and pulled it to the ground and began. Ronku slowly began scratching the dog’s belly, the dog surrendered all defenses and acted like a newborn puppy. Ronku played fetch with the dog for a few minutes only to be sure that the boy dog had calmed down. Eventually, Ronku wrapped a little butcher’s string like a collar around the dog’s neck and made his way to the address where he was supposed to drop off the dog. Ronku approached the front door only to be greeted by a wasted man cussing and hollering before he opened the door. Ronku gazed upon a man much smaller than himself, with bags under his eyes, a foul stench of alcohol irradiating from his body, and a half-drunken bottle of saki in one hand and a bludgeoning weapon in the other.

The drunk man yelled, “you son o bich you stole my dog, give her here you juiced up loser.” Ronku gazed upon the man in disgust as he grabbed the butcher string out of Ronku’s hand and began to rip the dog this way and that, the dog whined as it got dragged by its esophagus.

Ronku muttered under his breath in a rage “He’s a boy you know? You really ought to give that dog the care and respect it deserves.” Ronku began breathing deeply as he bit his lip until blood started pouring down his chin and onto the sand below, veins started bulging from his entire body like blue tree roots. Ronku yelled, “give that dog some god dam respect!” The drunken man disregarded everything Ronku had to say and continued pulling the dog across his mold-infested home before eventually grabbing the dog and kicking it by its rear, the dog ran through the back door and into the backyard. The man slammed the door leading to his backyard shut and then waddled over and grabbed a pouch of Ryo and tossed it at Ronku and slammed the door on Ronku’s face. Ronku walked down the pathway leading to the house and began walking down the street looking through his papers for the next mission. Ronku heard the dog’s whimpers and whines echoing through his head, for a first mission this was anything but easy, Ronku hoped that the dog would soon pass if only to be spared from the burden of its’ owner. Ronku searched through his papers freeing his mind of the dog’s pain and struggle and continued on his journey, the next mission would require more traveling to the outskirts, he performed a brisk walk while eating the lunch his mom had packed him and made his way through town onto the next mission.


Name: Belay
Rank: D
Location: Land of Wind
Enemies: Your impatience
Rewards: 10,000
People Preferred: Anyone
Requester: Rock Climbing Enthusiast
Setting Description: A local rock climber can't seem to find anyone willing to hold his rope in case he falls. He's intolerable but he paid money so deal with it.

Ronku made his way onto the next mission the sun was high in the sky it was a quarter to 10 A.M. This was the agreed time stated on the mission’s papers. It seemed it just was not Ronku’s day it seemed yet again he would have to deal with a cranky individual as the mission stated the climber was “intolerable.” Ronku had thick skin, but he had an even shorter temper especially when it came to sheer disrespect and rudeness towards others. Ronku began to prep the rope with all the designated knots that he had learned from his father years ago. A simple figure-eight knot was prepped on both ends of the rope ready to be clipped into when the climber eventually arrived. Thirty minutes past the specified time and Ronku worried that the climber had faked out and that he was wasting his time standing around when he could be starting on another mission. Ronku began to twiddle his thumbs from sheer boredom. Another thirty minutes passed and went and finally, a living soul was walking over the horizon with a huge bag twice the size of his scrawny body. Ronku made his way over to the scrawny man who was bent over struggling to walk with severely bad posture weighted down with the bag. Ronku was close to the climber and spoke gently “Hello I will be assisting you in your climbing today, my name is Ronku, nice to meet you.”
The man slammed the bag violently on the ground causing an eruption of sand around it. The climber stood up straight huffing and puffing and veins began to bulge from the climber’s neck “You dumb thick-headed … piece of … I HAD TO WALK THIS HEAVY BAG BECAUSE SOMEONE DID NOT GET THE MEMO TO MEET ME AT MY HOUSE.”

Ronku looked at the man with pity “I am sorry sir the mission had not mentioned you would need help carrying your stuff.” Ronku wondered to himself if there were any prideful men left in the entire village. Ronku grabbed the angry puny man’s climbing bag with ease and walked with the man as the climber explained how ruined his day was because Ronku had not shown up at his door. Ronku just bit his lip and continued onward. The ropes were already prepped and Ronku attached the harnesses with Ronku at the base to counteract the man’s weight in case if he suddenly slipped. The man readied himself still blabbering on about how stupid and thick-skulled Ronku was. It was not the first or last time that Ronku had heard the same spiel because he was a larger man, people loved to bash on him. The climber began on his route spending fifteen minutes of applying chalk and stretching took place and then he began finding a spot for his hands to go. The man kept trying different positions and different areas to grab onto. Ronku glanced up to the huge mountain face that was before him, this was going to take a year for this man to climb Ronku thought to himself. The man found his favorite position and began to climb. Ten minutes into climbing the man had gone about four feet off the ground constantly shooting gravel back at Ronku every time he tried a new foot position.

The climber hollered back to Ronku who was just four feet below him “I’m tired I need a broken lock out the line.” Ronku locked out the line and the man sat dangling resting four feet off the ground, still with easily 300 feet to climb. Ronku stood waiting for thirty more minutes as the man did strange stretched and attempting to seemingly swim through the air suspended in the harness. Ronku looked around back towards the city he wished he was on some form of epic quest learning some cool stuff. Instead, he was stuck with a climber who was a poser. The man said, “okay I’m ready you can unlock it.” The man got back into position and Ronku unlocked the rope the man stood awhile longer flinging gravel back onto Ronku and making no progress to get to the top. The man continued to occasionally touch on the fact that he was mentally fatigued from having to carry the bag all morning, and that’s why he was struggling to go up the mountain face. Ronku was tired of the ridiculousness he felt like a jester on a stage with peasant throwing tomatoes at him. But in this case, the peasants were rich business people with no physical capabilities to do anything interesting in life, lying to themselves about their skills. Ronku sat patiently as the day slowly swept away with only a couple more feet of progress from the “climber.”

The climber decided he needed another break and once more he did breathe strokes and stretched midair whilst looking like a clown. This was now the man’s second break and he had achieved roughly 6 feet, and Ronku could not help but think he could toss the man higher up onto the mountain. Ronku kept his head down and ignored the climber and his shenanigans all together. Ronku dove deep into his mind exploring some training regimens that he had planned for when the workday was over, there was much to be done, the grain needed to be harvested and bailed and he, of course, would help his mom with cleaning up the house. Once it was all done he would finally have the clarity of mind to hit the weights hard, he never wanted his body to become so brittle and feeble as the man that stood six feet above him doing flutter kicks suspended in the air. Ronku was destined for greatness from everything that he experiences in his childhood and this was just the trenchwork to work his way up to greater responsibilities and positions. One day he would show the world that you do not have to be a prick to be wealthy and successful. He would become a high ranking shinobi and give his mother the life she deserved for everything she did for him growing up.

The man did one final stretch and then went limp and hollered at Ronku “get me down you have ruined my ability to climb today, maybe next time you dumb ninja will finally get it right and help the village.” Ronku just smirked at the man who was barely able to climb six feet off the ground. Ronku lowered the man down and began to undo the harnesses and untie the knots from the rope. The man bent over on his knees as if he was exhausted from such a strenuous sit in his harness the man spoke “yeah I am a good climber though my wife thinks it is hot that I climb so I try to get out there and do it often. I usually make it to the top but you ninjas always ruin my climbs. I hold the village record for the world’s fastest climb, I don’t mean to brag or anything.” Ronku let out a chuckle at such an absurd comment. The man looked at Ronku with fury “what’s so funny, do you think I’m lying. I’m not a liar, I’m going to report you to the Kazekage, you ninja are so thick-skulled and dumb, you wouldn’t no real talent if it smacked you on the face. I really ought to teach you some manners, little boy.”

Ronku kneeling over undoing the harnasses stood up at the man’s remark towering a foot over him and much wider. Ronku flexed his chest muscles and squeezing his biceps to release tree trunk like veins made a snarl, “You don’t want to do that” Ronku mumbled under his breath.

The man stood on his tippy toes and rolled up his sleeves which couldn’t stay up because of his puny arms and demanded: “you think you can fight me your balloon, you probably don’t have an ounce of real muscle on you?” Ronku took a deep breath and turned his back to the man and began packing the harnesses into the bag. The climber let out a chuckle as if Ronku had surrendered. Ronku took the bag and followed the man back to his huge house in the heart of Suna, Ronku watched as the climber man’s wife ran out to the porch and praised the climber for being a badass and climbing. Ronku chuckled and dropped off the bag and took his reward and went on his way.


Name: Baby Sitting
Rank: D
Location: Suna
Enemies: A Child
Rewards: 30,000
People Preferred: 1 or more genin
Requester: Some rich always absent parent.
Setting Description: This spoiled rich kid needs a baby sitter and guess what, you're it! The father wants a baby sitter that can "protect them." The child is so misbehaved most genin prefer trash duty. Have fun!

Onto the next mission for Ronku, the last one for the day since the climber took hours to go a mere six feet off the ground and dance around like a ballerina. Ronku read through the list of missions he had to complete and there was only one unfortunate mission left at such a late time in the day to complete and he dreaded the thought of the mission. A spoiled rich prick was the last thing he wanted to deal with after such a long day of meaningless lip-biting work. Ronku wanted to do some cool shi*, this was not what he pictured coming back to. He wanted to get out there and get his hands dirty and get some scratches and bruises and fight for his homeland. He felt like he was starting to low on the spectrum, he hoped that tomorrow would bring some actual excitement and fun missions to show off all of his hard studying as a self-taught shinobi. He did not belong watching some punny as* squirt pick his nose and eat a cup of ramen for 8 hours while his parents goofed off around town.

Ronku did what he does best and just cleared his mind and walked up sternly to the door and knocked on the huge adobe house. It was clear this was no ordinary merchant’s house this was someone who was a successful businessman or politician of some sort. Ronku gazed upon the house in aw as he awaited someone to answer the door, he could not stop to think that this was exactly what he was working towards a comfy place for his mother to rest at home and not have to do as much work as she did to keep the bills paid whilst Ronku chased his dream to become a Ninja. Ronku knew that his rage inside for the rich and the successful was partially jealousy, but the other part anger for the lack of humbleness. Ronku knocked on the door once more since he had been waiting for a while. Finally, a little kid opens the door and the seemingly toxic odor of cleaning supplies and plastic just filled Ronku’s lungs. Ronku was not used to such a strange chemical infused smell coming from inside a home. Upon entry, Ronku was ordered by the small three-foot-tall boy with a bull cut to take his sneakers off and follow him to the couch. Ronku did exactly that with a slight chuckle as the little boy bossed him around. Ronku knew the little kid was a brat but it was entertaining none the least so he decided to at least have fun with it. Ronku walked on the spotless oak wood floor shipped from another region of the world and well-polished and maintained. The kid sat criss-cross apple sauce on the floor and invited Ronku to the same. The bull hair cut kid had a constant pouting look on his face like he was constantly irritated.

The boy pulled out a familiar game to Ronku it was Shogi a popular game with the kids since even Ronku’s dad was a kid. Ronku was dumb as a rock and he nor his father were ever good, but it was a good way to kill some time. Ronku and the boy played for a few minutes and suddenly out of the corner of his ear Ronku heard a shriek “AHhhhhhhh …. H h h honey there’s a monster in our living room and he he he he’s HURTING OUR SON HELPPPPPP!!!!” A man came into Ronku’s peripheral hearing slamming down the stairs.
“What honey what’s going on, why are you screaming?” The man casually looked over at Ronku playing Shogi with the boy and then glanced back at his wife “what’s the matter with you?”
The girl hid in a nearby bathroom peaking out to watch Ronku’s actions “there is a man in our living room playing with our boy and neither of us let him in.”

The man chuckled and grabbed his wife by the arm and dragged her out of the closet “don’t be silly he’s a leaf shinobi he’ll keep our son safe whilst we go and have a night to ourselves. Ain’t that right?” Ronku turned his head slightly back whilst still focusing on the intense game of Shogi underway and nodded as if to consent to the parents. Ronku’s wide back made the kid barely visible to the parents, and the dad was unphased, but the mom was very concerned about the safety of her son. After constant back and forth conversation inaudible to Ronku’s focused mind the man dragged his wife out of the door and locked it shut.

The kid looked up at Ronku after beating him and said: “you suck at this game.”

Ronku let out a deep bellow of a laugh and said: “yeah you’re not wrong, I was never a little brainiac like you twerp.”

The kid remarked with his pouting face “hayyyy I’m not a twerp. You’re just a butt head.”

Ronku pinched the little kid’s cheeks and then stood up and stretched after such an intense match of Shogi he was very tense. The boy yelled, “make me food I’m hungry.”

Ronku chuckled once more and commented, “make your dam food twerp.” The boy folded his arms and started breathing heavily and started getting red. Ronku walked into the kitchen and mumbled under his breath “dam fine, I’ll make you some food twerp.” Ronku looked at the huge kitchen and was in awe, Ronku’s mother would die for such a state of the art well-equipped kitchen. All handcrafted pans and silverware, fine dining plates with elegant golden accents and white bodies. Ronku had none of this they typically ate out of wooden dishes and utensils and had to wash their dishes in a nearby stream, this boy knew nothing of struggle Ronku thought.

Ronku whistled at the kid “Twerp come here for a second.” Ronku decided he owed it to this kid to give him a small wake up call since it was clear that his parents were not instilling good habits in the young boy's impressionable mind. Ronku got out a wok and some chopsticks and prepped some vegetables dicing them up finely, with some charred think flank steaks. Ronku set all the raw ingredients in a few separate bowls and looked at the twerp awaiting his response. A stare down occurred for a couple of minutes and then Ronku broke the silence “well are you going to cook it or not.”

The boy looked away angrily and murmured “I don’t know how to cook.”

Ronku teasing the boy said, “what was that?”

The boy said it again with more sas behind his voice “I said I don’t know how to cook.”

Ronku scowled the boy saying “you don’t know how to cook, no wonder you’re such a pipsqueak. Come light this fire and take all these ingredients and this sauce and mix it all until it’s ready to eat.” The boy resisted, but participated, and slowly loosened up and began getting into the process of cooking. The boy was very smart and picked things up quickly and he began adding basic ingredients like salt and peppers to spice it up more. After a few more minutes of cooking the two sat down and had a real dinner, the night proceeded with many more battles at shogi and overall the boy slowly seemed to level out and not be so stuck up and demanding. Ronku hopped this exposure would aid the boy in his progression into adulthood otherwise he was destined to failure and bullying once he started at the academy. The parents eventually returned and Ronku collected the bounty and was shooed off like a plague from the mother.

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Ronku D-Rank Missions

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