Kazetora's Training

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Training Summoning Jutsu, C Rank Canon Technique, Family: Toad Contract.

Kazetora had been walking through the village, it was a normal clear with a smattering of clouds kind of day. He was not really looking to do anything, it was a day off after many missions. However, suddenly he found himself walking across a strange sight in deed. A large mostly teal frog with blue highlights. "Oi, you! Human! Come ‘ere!” Said the frog. Kazetora, slightly dumbfounded, walked over to the frog and said “ just talking to me?” He continued to look a bit dumbfounded at the toad, wondering if he really had just heard the reptile speaking to him.

Yes, how many other humans do you see walking around here?” The toad did have a point, there were very few people that could have heard the frog in this area. “O...K, so what can I do to help you Mr Frog?” The frog got an angry look on its face, much as it could with its rather oblong face and said “I’m a TOAD not a frog, and the name is Gamaden. I’m here lookin’ for some human named Kazetora Uchiha, ya know him?” Blinking still, Kazetora nodded and pointed at himself. “I’m Kazetora Uchiha...

The toad instantly smiled and said “Excellent! I was sent here because the Grand Elder Toad: Gamamaru sent me to bring you this...” With a handseal a large mostly red scroll appeared and unfurled onto the ground. Before Kazetora could speak the toad would speak more “This here is a Contract for summoning us Toads. I was not told why I was to bring you this, just that I was to do so. If you want to be able to summon us, then what you need to do is sign your name in blood on this here contract, then you make an imprint of all your fingers of your dominant hand.

Kazetora definitely looked a bit confused, he had heard of summons before of course, but never the process for summoning them. It was a highly secretive process, or so he had assumed. Kazetora then looked from the frog to the scroll and back again. “Let me get this want me to make myself bleed, sign this scroll...then leave an imprint of my bloody finger prints? That about right?” The toad, not realizing how preposterous this sounded nodded enthusiastically and said “Yup, thats right, and afterwards you’ll gain the ability to summon us toads into combat with you whenever you like!

Kazetora sighed a bit, shrugging in a way that said ‘well...what do I say to that...might as well do it.’ He then bit the thumb of his right hand hard enough to make it bleed before placing writing the following kanji onto the scroll: “うちは 風虎” The Kanji written was obviously his name: Uchiha Kazetora. He then began dabbing a bit of blood onto each of his fingers and placed it hard against the paper of the contract so it made a clear imprinting onto it.

The toad then rolled the scroll up and said “There we go! As the only contracted summoner of Toads in the world currently, that scroll has become your property! We have a copy of it that is kept safe in Mount Myoboku. Now, let me teach you how to summon us.” Gamaden then made the Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey and the Ram seals. Once he had done that he explained “You make those handseals, then make your hand bleed or use blood of yours from a wound, we ain’t that picky how you get your blood as long as its your blood.”

He then slammed his hand against the ground and said “Then slam the hand that has some blood on it to the ground and put some chakra into it...then, poof! A toad will appear! Simple as that! Give it a shot!” Kazetora sighed a bit and shrugged. He had nothing to lose at this point, he was already having a strange day, why not go all the way through with this. Kazetora sighed a bit as he took a few steps back before making the Boar, Dog, Bird, Monkey and Ram hand signs in turn.

Once he had done that he bit the thumb of his right hand firmly, causing a sharp jolt of pain that he pushed through, ignoring the fact he had already made his thumb bleed a bit, and placed it to the ground. Soon there was a large poof of smoke before suddenly a larger than average red frog appeared. He did not speak, but wore a simple robe. It was one of the many toads that existed in Mount Myoboku that was sent. Since this was only a training case, there would be no real drive to summon a combat capable toad to the field explained Gamaden.

Kazetora seemed to understand and nodded his head along with what he was told. He then watched the red frog he summoned disappear “Well...Enjoy your new abilities I guess, maybe if you live long enough you’ll get to hear why the great Gamamaru wanted you to have this scroll...” Then Gamaden made the Ram handseal and suddenly was gone in a puff of smoke, leaving Kazetora alone with the scroll of the Toad Contract...

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Kazetora's Training

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