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Haru sat alone in the training grounds. Sunset. The sky above was an extreme shade of orange as the winter sky seemed to have stars in it regardless of the time. The sounds of the village in the distance could still be heard; but only as a sort of ambient noise.

She would be sitting indian style on top of a training post. Her ponytail flowing well behind her back and down the training post itself as she would sit within deep meditation. The image of one of her own squadmates being stabbed by six or seven ninja from behind replayed in her mind. A sweatdrop would pass over her closed eyes as she tried to attain some kind of peace; however, she couldn't. Unusual for her as normally she was able to block out or even outright dismiss the most gruesome of visions or thoughts. After a life of killing, she was actually disturbed by a death. It was because this person, Kasumi; was like a sister to her. She'd been her squadmate and only real friend for a very long time. Now however, she'd formed bonds with her students, one of them even lived with her. However; she couldn't feel happy. Not knowing that the mastermind behind Kasumi's assassination was still out there. The ninja that she'd burned....with those black flames; she knew that none of them were the head honcho in charge of such a blatant attack within the Elder Council Chambers no less.

The stone tablet in the Uchiha Clan's monastery. She was able to read it now. With these eyes.....this sight she didn't quite understand yet. She'd heard about it from the older Uchiha, none of whom possessed these eyes. The Mangekyo Sharingan, the height of Uchiha power. She'd achieved it, only through the worst possible scenario. She would give these eyes up in a second if she knew it would bring Kasumi back.

She waited silently as she had invited her squad; her students out for a training session in order to not only see how far they'd come. But to also get a grip on herself. To be around people who perhaps cared for her in her own mind. Hopefully they felt the same. She hoped they couldn't sense the newfound weakness within her; that her emotions were out of control. She had no reason to fear however, as her outside visage would give off a colder than usual demeanor.

"I need to understand these eyes......I must." she said to herself as she still had her eyes closed sitting on a training post in a meditative Indian style like position. Some good old fashioned exercises and training would hopefully help her move out of this state of depression and self hatred. Her students were counting on her to be the pillar of intelligence and calm that she'd always been. She couldn't let them down, not for anything or anyone. Even herself. And so. She waited. Under the sunset here at these legendary training grounds.
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Never once would anyone find her refusing the chance to train. After-all the closest held wish that she possessed was dependent on how well she could fight. While right now Haru was her precious teacher she was equally aware that one day the other female may become someone who would hunt her down until they obtained Matatabi one way or another. Minx would enjoy these days best she could but she also wasn't going to ignore the fact that one day she may need to know how to defend herself from everyone but Celestia here.

'Where do you want to go for dinner tonight?' Now that the bijuu was speaking to her again the pair of them spoke often throughout the day about even the most menial of things. 'You've eaten far too much sushi lately even though it's the best food group a growing girl needs better balance so you should pursue a meal rounded in all places expect meat and seaweed tonight.' Minx giggled at Matatabi's nearly parental response nodding her response own outwardly. Who was she to doubt something that had been alive centuries longer than she had been.

The sound of Haru's voice carried over the near silence of her steps as she reached the field. "I find the best way to understand something is merely to test it Ma'am. Repeatedly." Minx spoke the words as she jumped to the top of the pillar beside her captain, sitting with her feet planted on it and her hands between them. "It's how I learned all the bone stuff for the most part." considering she didn't have her own kin to teach her she'd only had Matatabi's advice which wasn't exactly being taught how to do it. "Newest technique included!" she actually sounded proud, lifting her hands up slowly keeping the fronts of them hiding what she was working on until they moved to reveal a helmet made of bone. It had taken weeks after seeing jack's, but she'd eventually gotten it even though it was still thicker and heavier than she'd like, clearly made up of several pieces.
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Haru wasn't surprised when Minx had joined her. The girl was practically exactly as she was at her age. She was usually the first to report; last to leave. A hard worker; but less serious than Haru was at her age. She would open her eyes and look across at Minx who had hopped up on her own training post. Looking her up and down she made sure the young girl maintained a perfect sense of balance upon the training post; as a ninja her shinobi life would put her in some precarious positions. Balance was key.

"Points for balance...don't fall." she said as she stood up ON the training post, the ones they were on weren't exactly super thick balance beams so standing still on top of one was was an impressive feat for most normal people; but not for shinobi. Blinking a few times as Minx actually gave her some words of wisdom, she looked very surprised at the young girl. She'd grown so much this past month. Without much of a response, Haru would just 'nod' at her. Giving her a small smile. She'd already known that repetition was the key to success; she'd learned that when she was around Minx' own age. Rather than say anything in response; she let Minx have her moment as she seemed to be using chakra for something.....then she held it up. Some kind of Bone Helmet. It lacked style in Haru's opinion. "This Sharingan doesn't work like regular jutsu, Minx....if I use it to much I will go blind....permanently." she said in response to Minx' opinion on continuing to practice with it. She'd heard rumors of ancient Uchiha who had unlocked this dojutsu going blind from overuse. She wasn't sure how much or how little she could use it before her vision began to be affected. But she assumed it was plenty before something like that happened from overuse.

"Perhaps you should shape it like a can often be used to strike fear in the hearts of one's opponent. Well done however, you're learning to mold your bone style into whatever you please." she said as she stood still in shinobi fashion with her arms crossed on the training post. "Good, you'll need to be able to mold your chakra to be able to use it fully; we'll focus on chakra control for a little bit of our training today....even some Jonin still struggle with the control and manipulation of won't be easy." Haru would then perform a backflip that carried her at least 30 feet backward and land off away from the training posts. Motioning for Minx to join her at her side. "Watch carefully...." she would say as soon as Minx joined her. "Amaterasu!" she would open her right eye only as her Sharingan would spin into the normal 3 tomoe and then into an unknown symbology that Minx had likely never seen before.

Like someone lit off a firecracker; black flames would instantly incinerate about half of the training posts that they'd been standing on a moment ago as it actually caused a slight tremor beneath their feet from the amount of chakra released. The flames would explode forty feet into the air before settling a bit. Crackling and burning. They looked like normal flames except black in color and slightly transparent.

Haru would close her eye as it returned to normal; but she didn't extinguish the flames just yet.

"Apparently, they can't be put out.....the only thing able to stop them according to the Uchiha ancient texts and the history books is the chakra of a Bijuu; and even that needs to be particularly powerful...a rookie Jinchuuriki stands no chance." she said as she stared into the black fire in front of them both. A sad look would pass over her face as she'd gained this power through the death of another. Minx had likely heard of the assassination within the Elder Council Building; in which Haru's close friend and squadmate had died.

Her eye would then wince in pain as she would grab a hold of it with a furious headache taking over. She would fall to one knee and even that would wobble as she hit the ground; feeling as if she'd just ran a mile. However, as fast as the feeling of exhaustion hit her; it vanished. Along with the flames as they would sputter out and disappear in front of them.

"Sorry....I don't really have control of them yet....some great sensei I am." she said at showing Minx this type of weakness. She'd seen her angry before, but never struggling. With anything. A large amount of shame overtook her as she stood to her feet. Looking at Minx in the eye and then staring at the ground. "I'd like you to help me put this into will be dangerous if you get touched by the black flames directly I may not be able to put them out......I understand if you refuse to help me. You're by and by the most agile of my students, Celestia and Tora are close but they don't compare to you in that category." she questioned this to herself privately however. Celestia's willpower and Tora's toughness were nothing to scoff at. But for this, she needed agility and even speed to ensure that she could practice without killing one of them.
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Oddly in spite of all the hard work put in Minx's balance had improved lightyears ahead of everything else seemingly overnight. While it slowly continued to creep in improvement the truth was she'd already started pretty good considering a feline education on the matter. However, back when the pair had been fighting her agility suffered for it due to doubt sneaking in on the teenager. When communication resumed all that she'd lost in their fight came flooding back.

"I actually need to practice something for falls." aligning herself as she stood up adjusting for the thin surface was easy as breathing just how a cat would run along a fence. "There won't always be something to reattach to, could be too high or quick for my bone stunts." Real easy way for someone to take Matatabi from her, push her off some cliff, yeah so not happening. Minx frowned slightly with concern at Haru's mention of this particular development also being able to rip her sight away overtime. "There has to be something." While it would be great if an enemy went blind that was not what Haru was right now, and so her mind went to wondering how it could be avoided.

Nodding happily at the idea of shaping things like felines and thus after Matatabi the teenager quickly followed her teacher. 'Do you not think that would make things a bit obvious child.' The Bijuu asked of her as she quietly fell into line beside Haru, feet neatly together. 'Could also get me passed off as another Kasha Village nut case.' she responded to her companion while she observed the older woman's optics briefly realizing the new pattern for the briefest of moments.

Others would likely be startled or such by the trembling of the ground and the sheer amount of chakra which accompanied it. However, considering Matatabi and one other little detail that wasn't the case for Minx at all. Every thought blanked from the teenagers head as her eyes glued themselves to the burning black flames watching them absolutely consume whatever got caught up within them. Such bright light in her eyes danced in time with the bouncing of the flames, hands raising to her cheeks as her face flushed. Oh it was absolutely gorgeous. 'Minx!' Who was that? It all sounded so distant compared to her focus on the fire and breathing of it's source. Leisurely everything within fell away to the sight of flames not fighting as the delight took up so much space it pushed everything else out of the way violently.

Due to her attention on Haru she did mutely hear the point about a the chakra of Bijuu and their vessels being able to counter. If anyone else developed this or Haru turned out to be enemy, than she would end up needing Matatabi's power to protect the feline from such a threat. Such idea's? Brought back memories and the feeling climbed higher right before that black fire sputtered out. 'Minx, Calm down, Child!' Although much as the feline shouted inside her vessels head, Matatabi was far from unaware it was too late. The very second Haru mentioned helping train that black fire, all around them took on a teal hue.

If the elder looked up she'd quickly find her student was encased in deep blue flames cut through by dark black lines. "Of course, I don't mind helping, you're my teacher and that fire is so gorgeous!" Almost beautiful as that da-.. Wait! If Haru's flames were out why did the light of fire still dance around them. 'I'm So Sorry Matatabi!' It didn't long for her to start mentally freaking out apologizing to the feline. "I don't suppose I can pass this off as an extra bloodline ability or something?" her laugh was terrified and awkward as she misjudged and stepped backwards a small burning blue flame left where she had stepped from. Long as she stayed in the same space it was fine but if it wasn't directly attached to her with no practice under her belt she couldn't control the dark flames. 'I doubt it, calm child.' Matatabi didn't want to stay but if Minx was still on fire and they fled it would do no good, just leave a trail right to them.
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Kazetora walked up towards the training field just in time to watch the post explode in black flames, as Haru had fallen to one wobbling knee, he let out a whistle. It was impressive, he had not seen this technique before but Kurama was also impressed and said “Blasted Uchiha-woman, she unlocked THOSE eyes, the eyes of the elder days: The Mangekyou Sharingan and even learned to use the black flames of Amaterasu.” Kazetora closed his right eye as he approached the pairing and spoke to Kurama in his own mind “Amaterasu? I’ve never heard of that technique...What do you know of Uchiha Sharingan techs, stupid old Fox.

” Kazetora smirked a bit at the idea that his Sensei...his cousin could want to take his life, this was not the age of the past where the Uchiha killed one another without reason.

Kazetora was unsure why, but for some reason the Old Fox seemed to be grumpier than usual since he had learned how to summon the Toads...though for some reason ever since he had signed the contract he had little luck in summoning more than even a basic tadpole, it was confusing. However, when he opened his right eye again, he saw something strange. A blue flame engulfing the small form of his teammate Minx. He was surprised. He had heard of this teal flame before, it had belonged to the Two Tailed Cat: Matatabi.

Kazetora could not believe his eyes, a second Jinchuuriki was on the team. He was not alone after all. “’’re...YOU’RE LIKE ME?!" Shouted the Uchiha boy. He had stopped dead in his tracks about ten meters from the two women, his eyes wide but still black orbs. He was in shock, even Kurama was in shock due to his lack of comments on the strange thing. Kurama himself had not expected this turn of events, the boy was finally not the only one in the village. Hence why even in his shock, even in his surprise, he made sure to not utter the words that would paint a target on her.

He was careful, after all they were a team, if he outed her to the village on accident in his surprise he would be eternally damned as far as he was concerned. This was still a good turn of events, finally he knew that someone was around that would understand how he felt. Ostracized and hated for things he had no control over. Finally, he would have an equal he could relate to! He was excited to know this fact, he already had more in common with Minx than either Machi or Castus and he was pleased to know this.

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The sun shinning through the curtains slowly woke Celestia up from her slumber. She idly wondered what time it was. She normally didn't sleep in this late but yesterday wiped her out. "Wait!" Celestia suddenly bolted upright realizing she was going to be late. "Crap, crap, crap, crap, crap" she repeated while hoping around on one foot trying to get all her clothing on. Celestia rushed to the door and smacked right into it. She backed away clutching her nose in pain. "What the?.....Oh! transformation jutsu." Celestia applied the jutsu to cover her fox features and now the door opened right up for her.

Dashing for the meeting spot Celestia started slowing down all of a sudden feeling something akin to a what a black hole would feel like or something. "I'm feeling some major negative emotions come from over there."
"Celestia you can't sense negative emotions, I can't sense negative emotions."
"What are you talking about I can feel it so clearly?"
"We can sense positive emotions what you're feeling right now is a complete lack of positive emotions. Dear if we had negative emotion sensing your psyche would have been obliterated by your family long ago."
"Oh" It seemed she didn't have a handle on how this power worked. This actually explained a lot actually. She could probably get the hang of it pretty quick now that she wasn't doing it backwards.

Celestia approached the area and found the source of devoid positive emotion to be Haru which the young genin found very concerning. Then she noticed the blue fire around Minx and the swell of positive emotion in Kazetora and made a connection that Haru's plumit of emotion was because she found out Minx was a jin and maybe disappointing was she going to take Minx in! Celestia didn't think she would this was her student she loved her students like family. She wouldn't turn on her family just because one happened to be a bijuu host would she? Oh crap oh crap oh crap what was she supposed to do. She was supposed to keep Minx's secret but how was she supposed to do that now how was she supposed to support Minx and not turn on her mother...erm sensei. Why was Kazetora here though and why was he so excited.

Celestia ran up in front of Minx and then turned around to face the others spreading her arms out in a grand display. "Ha ha! How did you like my latest genjutsu! I really thought you guys would start helping her thinking she was being burned alive or something. Guess I need to tweak it to fix that." She would then do a series of handsigns pretending to be disabling the genjutsu but in reality she was going to cover up the flames with a genjutsu the trigger of which was in the handseals which she doubted her Uchiha Teammates wouldn't notice. She also layered another genjutsu on top of it as a back up for the worst case scenario Monkey-Rat-Monkey-Hare. It would hide the flames as long as Minx stood still but it wouldn't hide the heat. This genjutsu wasn't meant for this kind of purpose, so she'd have to keep them from getting close. Hopefully Minx could get it under control by then.

"Any suggestions?" Celestia asked pretending to be looking for some constructive criticism.  

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Haru would continue to look somewhat downtrodden at the ground for a little bit; thinking back on her rebellious days as a kid and how they had led her to this very point in life. Had it all been worth it; all those missions all those nights she stayed up just to get a perfect score on a test the next day; studying her time away on deadly techniques and handseals.

Soon though she felt what could only be described as a heater or an oven type feeling coming from in front of her. As the sun was setting now; the glow was blue in front of her and it was coming from Minx. She was...on fire. Blue flames with black streaks going through it...what in the world.

A painting of the nine Bijuu surrounding the Sage of Six Paths; a famous painting throughout the ninja world came to mind as Haru's mentality would focus on a blue portion of the drawing. The feline beast type Jinchuuriki; the two tails if Haru wasn't mistaken. She blinked a few times in literal shock at Minx; as her eyes were literally wide and had the reflection of blue flames in them.

"I-impossible.......this isn't possible!!!" Haru literally yelled at the top of her lungs, she didn't yell much so this was an extremely rare outburst. " could this have gotten past me....past us." she thought on the other Elders as her mind raced. They had to have already known, this was some kind of set up. Three Jinchuuriki on her team; no, that was unheard of. Impossible that the Hokage and the other Elders would allow such a squadron to be formed. Then they didn't know. What was happening?! Haru's mind continued to race as Kazetora arrived.

He didn't make the situation better as his shock seemed to surpass her own if that was even possible since Haru was literally standing there paralyzed with this knowledge and what it meant for her own information gathering skills. She specialized in attempting to keep track of these beings; and here one was right under her nose.

A hand; one with a black diamond tattoo on the palm clenched in anger as she stared at Minx. For a moment, she took it as a personal betrayal of trust. She'd opened up to her; told her of her past. Some of her secrets even, and she wouldn't even trust her with this. Her mood along with her anger took a shift as she wondered how alone she'd been with this whole thing as she literally looked apprehensive toward her; as if she was not afraid but still unsure of what to do.

When Minx spoke and said she'd happily help her; Haru realized her guard was down and she wasn't thinking. She took this time to note the flames seemed to give off a slight growling or roaring sound; like some kind of lion or tiger here and there; every other flicker or so Haru could hear it at almost a whisper. What incredible flames. As an Uchiha she had a love for the heat and fire herself. Her clan literally just about worshiped fire chakra and it's use throughout the generations as it was their ancestral clan element.

", you're a Jinchuuriki aren't you. Please don't lie to me further, I can't take any surprises right now." Haru spoke with her usual calm and direct voice now; she gave Minx a serious look, furrowing her brow a little but not activating her Sharingan or anything. "If I'd have known I would've taken steps to protect you....." her mind raced as she realized that there was no way the Elder Council knew about this; she was on the Council and had spys looking after the other members. No, everyone who knew was present in her mind. Except for......her voice. Oh man.

Celestia arrived; comically introducing a new genjutsu that Haru knew she'd made up on the very spot. After living with the genin for months now; she knew when she was lying as she only time she wasn't good at keeping a lie hidden is when she was flustered or caught red handed. With a slightly comical face; Haru would raise an eyebrow as she performed the most simple cover up genjutsu possible.

Haru's eyebrow would twitch in irritation as she opened one eye with a simple 3 Tomoe Sharingan and dispelled the genjutsu. Minx would light back up like a candle flame with blue fire comically as Haru would look at Celestia with a 'nice try' type look.

"Incredible Minx, I take back what I said about chakra should excel in it. If you've been able to keep this a secret from me of all people for so long..I'm not easily fooled." she said this in a manner that could be considered menacing; but also complimentary. She would look at the literal small pile of blue fire burning on the ground but not spreading.

Looking up to Minx she would nod at her.

"Well then, let's see if you can survive this my student." she would grin at Minx and tell her only. "I'm about to activate that jutsu again....when I do you can either control your Bijuu's chakra if it lets you to stop the black flames.....or you can use it to dodge and get out of the way I'm sure it can increase your speed can't does that sound?" she would now let off a grin at Minx as she was about to attempt a fatal attack on her.

"I'll also be trying my best to learn to control and move the flames how I want ready to dodge more than once, I don't want to hurt you...but I think the flames follow wherever I look...the air or ground itself will likely catch a flame as long as I'm looking there..." with a nod, Haru would step silently across the lawn; passing Celestia on the way she would stop shortly at her. Giving her a silent glare as if to say 'you knew about this' she would only give her this look for a few moments; as she continued to pass. Standing back from the group.

"As a matter of fact.....all of you will block this attack or you'll surely perish." Haru was putting her students lives in danger, the sad part was these were the people who were closest to her now in life. However all she knew was an outlet of pain when it came to getting over her sorrows or blocking her feelings. "Gather the chakra of the tailed beasts within you......let it become your I told Minx before....the chakra of a Tailed Beasts according to legend are the only thing that can stop these black" she would close her eyes.

For a few seconds it seemed she was just standing there. However within a few moments; chakra would hit the air like a scent you couldn't miss or a feeling in the very wind. The ground would shake around all of them briefly with an audible rumble at the amount of chakra gathering; Haru would then open her eye as her Mangekyo Sharingan would appear; the symbol appearing in her eye with a bright red glow. "Amaterasu." she vocalized; although she didn't have to say it aloud, it helped as the name itself was legendary and seemed to allow her to use it more easily at this beginning phase of learning the technique.

As soon as she said it; a literal noise like a firecracker would go off directly in the air in front of her three students; the noise likely surprising them as an explosion of black fire would expand outward instant like in a loud whoooshing sound three trails of flame would stretch out toward each student individually blasting outward within two seconds it would smother and engulf them in loud tornado like trails as Haru tried her best to focus the flames around each of them in small black tornadoes of fire only big enough to surround them.

She focused as best she could on not burning them specifically as eventually she managed to pull off three small tornadoes of black fire surrounding her students. Both her eyes were opened as the Mangekyo symbol was shown; she stared without blinking trying her best to maintain the amount of chakra flowing through her right now.

"Now! Step through the fire if you can." she yelled hoping her students would be able to pull off the chakra cloak technique she'd heard about in myths and rumors that Jinchuuriki were capable of. Covering their entire bodies with the chakra of a Tailed Beast. She would push them to learn and master this technique; even against something like Amaterasu. "It might burn a little; but I have some control right now. The pain will only last a moment when you walk through, I won't kill you I promise." although she struggled to maintain complete control truthfully; the sight of three black tornadoes made of literal black fire was impressive; not to mention the howling sound the flames seemed to make.

Haru literally had sweat forming on her head and face now as her wide eyed Mangekyo stare appeared to waver a little bit at this level of Blaze Release. She was pushing herself to be sure. Attempting to weave chakra she'd never felt before; but she had faith in her skills. It didn't seem as hard as when she'd learned fire release for the first time. Perhaps her Uchiha lineage was helping out somehow.

She just hoped she saw all of her students step out of the flames and wasn't killing one or all of them now.
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Kazetora was still a bit dumbfounded but was still walking towards the now larger group as Celestia had appeared. He was still walking towards the group, not paying too much attention to what was going on in terms of word said. What he did however catch as he got more or less on line with Celestia and Minx was Haru telling them to use their Bijuu Cloaks to block the attacks...or perish. The young Uchiha’s eyes widened as he could hear Kurama laughing in his head and telling him how the Fox was right and the Uchiha was wrong.

Before he could even close his eye to go into the mental state to talk to Kurama the blast of fire was on its way, he could tell. Kurama was quick to pour his Chakra into his host, after all if Kazetora died then Kurama himself would die to...or at least be incredibly inconvenienced for an unknown amount of time. Kazetora felt the chakra pour into him, more than he had ever had before. His eyes would soon turn red, but not for his Sharingan, no he had no tomoe and his iris took a more vulpine shape to them becoming slits.

The two whiskers on his face suddenly became more defined as well as gaining pseudo-whiskers to make a total of six between both sides of his face. Suddenly he was moving, not standing still and not standing up right, he was hunched over, standing more akin to a giant fox. His chakra itself had become visible as he had a red cloak made of chakra bubbling out of his skin, taking a small amount of blood with it to give it the red hue. His lips became thinner and slightly darker in color as he showed no effort on his face now.

WHY DID YOU ATTACK ME HARU-SENSEI?! I DID NOTHING TO YOU! I KEPT NO SECRETS!” Shouted the young Uchiha, his voice sounding as if it had a bit of reverb added into it. He was angry, pissed off that his life was put into danger but that was not all, it was partially anger driven by the Nine Tailed Fox Kurama and his control being exerted over him. Those who looked at the Uchiha would see that the cloak of bubbling red chakra would see something strange. The cloak itself was taking a specific shape…

The shape was that of a fox, the Nine Tailed Fox itself, he had long pointed ears at the top of his head, claws extending from his hand, his nails also had grown a bit longer and more pointed like a fox’s, and from his rear end extended two tails that reached up to his head. The tails were moving as if they had a mind of their own, both centered on his tail bone. His eyes flashed the pure anger he was feeling. He soon found himself charging towards Haru, his anger overflowing within him. His body moving on instinct, anger, fear and the influence of Kurama.

He soon was striking at the woman with his increased strength and speed, the claw of chakra allowing him a slightly longer reach than normal. If he were thinking straight, he knew that he would not be doing this, it was Haru-Sensei, his cousin and his teacher. He knew that she would never purposefully try to hurt him like that, but in this instant he was more instinct than reasoning. More Id than Ego or Super Ego. His mind was searing with rage, and part of him at the back of his mind wondered if Haru knew just how much the Uchiha lacked in terms of control of Kurama...

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Honestly it hurt to see the older woman so alarmed but she had to think about keeping Matatabi safe right now. Yet, with the flames roaring around her she was stuck in place for the moment unable to do even her most basic purpose in life. "That's the whole point of my existence" It sucked that Haru seemed to feel so badly over not knowing some sympathy leaking in despise her concerns. "When I was six, large villages started closing in on Matatabi and the temple raising me was the only place she could turn." Seeking the aid of another Bijuu would have just made her even easier to entirely close the loop on. "My sole purpose is to hide and protect her from being made into a weapon, again." Though, it seems that in her desire to get strong enough to do it through more than hiding and the pair of them living locked in the temple, she'd endangered the feline.

Minx smiled a slightly bitter smile when Haru spoke of taking steps to protect her, shaking her head slightly. "I'm not the one to protect, eventually my life will end when it's the only way to let her escape." It wasn't exactly as if she wanted to die but she'd accepted her purpose in life would eventually demand it. Right now, she was becoming concerned as the edges of thoughts began to tell her that perhaps this was the day that she'd have to give it all up to ensure the one who made her feel loved for so long didn't suffer again. 'Child, will you stop with that, if we just get out of here you can live a long healthy life.' Of course, Matatabi had her own idea's on the matter which had seemed to change as she got older. In the past? The feline had once been happy she accepted her place in life but as time went on the Bijuu began to scold her for such.

Another person rushing in and finding out what no one was supposed to know. The fact he was also Jinchuuriki didn't make her feel any better considering that she'd been unsure about even telling Celestia when she had being fully aware of the fox. It was another person closing in on her before she'd even truly started sleeping well at night over the fact someone knew of her own will. Teeth impaled on one of her nails as she stumbled a few steps back leaving a few foot prints of flame in her wake. "Not exactly." He was meant to master the power of nine tails to be another weapon of the village, his was trapped against it's will. She wasn't anything like that.

Momentarily relief came flooding in when Celestia flew into the situation attempting to fix things, make everything better. "Cele-" Her voice cracked and her small hands extended outwards towards the other girl, but stopped just seconds before they would have touched. Crimson gaze went wide and haunted as a simple memory passed her by. "I-" Other people weren't fire proof even if she had someone willing to take this risk for her a barrier between them still existed right now. The only one that she'd ever be able to get that close with was Matatabi, small tears beginning to leak from her eyes as she pulled her hands back to her stomach. All of this was making her feel sick.

Minx could hear the feline begin to panic in her head when the emotions surging the flames around her prevented the girl from speaking. Haru was going under the impression they had enough control because of the teenager's ability to hide. It wasn't true and both of them knew that. However, any chance of it being explained was lost the second those black flames surrounded the genin. 'Are we really doing this again child?' Minx gave no mental response because, of course, how could Matatabi think they weren't! How ill she'd felt over all of this slowly faded away as the flames roared in a lively manner around her in all grounded directions. "They're still absolutely beautiful!" she was laughing like some school girl with the biggest crush in the world, crimson gaze darting around to look at the dark flames. 'Will you at least take my chakra before trying anything?' Matatabi had obviously seen these flames before knew the danger present and knew the girl well enough to realize how this was going to go. 'Of course not! It's yours not mine. I wouldn't be protecting you if I took it. On the chance something happened you need full power to escape.' Just like every other time she categorically refused and was going to be in Matatabi's opinion, incredibly reckless.

"I apologize ma'am but did you miss the part where I explained my purpose is to NOT use Matatabi." It was ritualistically pounded into her head at this point like a religion to not use her Bijuu in anyway, even though from the prior exchange the beast was willing to occasionally help her. 'Don't you want to see the tornado from the outside?' her eyes dilated at the idea which almost made her drool in anticipation. Haru would see Minx emerge but it was not from within the flames instead she simply launched upwards through destroying her shoes to shoot bones from them and backflip out the top. Landing on her feet she skid back slightly before looking at the black flames which had surrounded her prior how another may look at a shirtless man. Yep, still as beautiful on the outside.

Minx would have stared for a long time however she was not entirely daft to Kazetora and his temper tantrum. "This isn't good. Any idea's, Celestia, Matatabi, Kurama? Apart from running away, Matatabi." Things had gone all kinds of wonky, she should want to run just like her Bijuu. Yet, with the flames pushing her so high emotionally she couldn't feel any of that right now.
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Normally Celestia was concerningly proficient at improvised lying, but she knew it was a long shot to get it past Haru especially since they've been living together. It was probably one of her worst attempts ever but her options were limited in this situation and she had to so do something. Haru easily saw through and dispelled the genjutsu as well as the one that activated right after the last was cast off. It did nothing to aid in the last ditch effort of escape.

Minx's voice calling out her shortened name with a slight hint of desperation grabbed the green eyed girls attention and she spun around just in time to see her retracting her arms. Minx must have tried hugging or grasping her for support before realizing she'd burn her. That fact seemed to hurt Minx a lot more than Celestia would have thought possible. "I know it's not the same but." Celestia preformed a hand sign and released from water from her mouth which formed an exact replica of herself. Said water clone then hugged Minx for a bit before it couldn't handle the heat anymore and backed off before it melted and she dispersed it into a puddle of water.

Celestia's eyes widened in panic and disbelief as Haru essentially told Minx she was going to be attacked with the black flames and had to show proficiency in using her bijuu chakra to avoid it. "What? No, you can't expect anyone to have that kind of control. She's been in hiding this whole time and couldn't have had a chance to sufficiently practice anything." Celestia warned. It was exceedingly rare for a jinchuuriki to have even the most basic form of mastery and yet Haru wanted to test her something much more advance! Something wasn't right. Celestia may not have been around Haru long enough to know much of anything but she was very good at reading people so she really didn't need too long at all to know something was very very wrong. Those negative emotions earlier...whatever pain Haru was going through, was she taking it out on her students?

Celestia's warning went unanswered Instead Haru provided more reason why this was a catastrophic idea. She didn't even have full control of her own flames yet. Before Celestia could call her out any further Haru walked past and gave the young girl a glare. Celestia knew exactly what it was. She'd kept a secret a very big secret from her. It was probably unforgivable in place where Celestia had been granted permission to hear about all sorts of village secrets and not only that but Celestia was already bonded with Haru at a fairly deep level and felt she had betrayed her. The shame that washed over her caused her to look down avoiding eye contact with Haru and completely losing track of the peril Minx was in.

It quickly came back on track when Haru announced that they'd all face this trial. Celestia lit up with anger that Haru just exposed her own secret to Kazetora, but also panic at what was about to transpire. While her heart and mind wrestled each other in emotional and mental chaos about what to do Haru went and already did it.

The moment it happened and the flames surrounded Celestia she snapped back into focus. Quickly calling upon more of her power the sudden surge of chakra broke the transformation jutsu over her and her eyes turned red and sprouted an additional tail. She called up some transparent chakra and cloaked herself with it and walked through the flame casting the chakra aside to be burned up. She was about to quickly head for Minx to share her chakra and give the girl a cloak of her own but it seemed she'd escaped through the top already. That was uncharacteristic of Haru to leave such an obvious opening. Course everything about right now defied reason.

Had Kazetora fared any better though? Nope he was faring the worst. His bijuu was exerting it's influence over him and he was slowly losing control. She could tell he was about to attack Haru. As crazy and hurtful as this situation was she still loved Haru and more than just a teach student level and rushed to intercept him. Not to mention in Haru's state of mind she might end up seriously hurting him.

If she was not mistaken with both of them having two tails manifested she was still a bit faster and given her quick reaction she was able to place herself between Kazetora and Haru matching his attack in strength and chakra to negate it. She had no idea what he was going through right now. They may have the same bijuu sealed within them but the sealing technique is different radically different in Celestia's case and they were different people. Her seal had encouraged cooperation between bijuu and host and she knew her mastery of her abilities were extremely unusual. There wasn't much she could do to try and help Kazetora but try she would anyway. Though they were on the same team she hadn't really interacted with him much either and didn't know very much about him. "Calm down Kaz. It's just training. She's just making us stronger same as always." Not the truth but that wasn't what mattered right now and unlike last time she was very believable in her delivery. Her mind and emotions were very calm at the moment. "Don't lose yourself, you're too stubborn for that."

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Practice Makes Perfect [Team 1 Training]

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