Practice Makes Perfect [Team 1 Training]

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Soon after Haru had used the Amaterasu on her students, she saw Minx coming out of the tornado of black fire with a single hop upwards. Haru grinned a little at this, knowing Minx to be a smart cookie and not panicking; rather assessing the immediate threat and devising a solution to get out of the problem at hand. Soon afterward, Celestia would come walking through the black flames; cloaked in nine tails chakra. The image was burned into her mind as she was extremely proud of both of the girls. She never imagined she would be so blessed as to have three Jinchuuriki students; and speaking of the third, something felt wrong. Kazetora's chakra was building at a rapid rate. More chakra than she'd ever felt from him.

As she noticed he'd escaped the tornado of black flames; as all three tornadoes would dispel she would be met with words that she never expected to hear from him.

"Tora......." a little hurt but not upset; she would quickly dispel these feelings as he was prone to be somewhat of a hot head. However, a strange orange chakra would bubble up around him as she would look to Celestia who had a worried look upon her face. Living together for such a time she would learn to take her expressions seriously. Looking to Minx briefly, she would then be surprised by an attack from Kazetora. Clearly he'd lost it. But she had as well; she'd put him in this situation.

Quickly, she would lean backward in a matrix like fashion as he went flying past her; the speed of the attack causing Haru to have a 'what the?' face as she dodged; continuing her back lean she would put one hand on the ground and cartwheel kick the hell out of Kazetora, the strength of her blow easily would have killed a lesser ninja as she would flip upright and likely have sent him flying back a bit.

Standing in front of Minx and Celestia in a protective manner; she would look on as Celestia came forward toward Tora in an attempt to calm him down. One false move and she would strike him for real this time, not lethally but enough to take him down; perhaps even take off a limb or a hand. With a serious expression she would speak.

"It seems I overestimated you. To think that a simple thing like danger of this category would trigger you into such a rage." she would get a calm expression before she spoke again. "If you wish to continue as my student and a member of Team 1 I suggest you get your barrings and realize that this is nothing compared to the real danger you'd face...the Tora I know is a much harder egg to crack than this." she said in her usual tone but even cracking a soothing smile toward him in an attempt to get him to relax.

"Minx....if this goes south...I'm going to need your help taking him down, I don't want to hurt him but I fear I may not know another way." she said without looking toward her student.

Little did the four of them know that a squad of about twenty Jonin was headed their way as the Sensory division had picked up abnormal levels of chakra in the training field. Dangerous levels even with three jinchuuriki being present, not to mention Haru herself using the Mangekyo Sharingan. This could go from bad to worse if they didn't get a handle on the situation before said squadron arrived.
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Practice Makes Perfect [Team 1 Training]

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