Zulie the Kite (Pet Registration)

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PostSubject: Zulie the Kite (Pet Registration)   Zulie the Kite (Pet Registration) Icon_minitimeWed Jan 22, 2020 4:24 pm

Affiliation Name: Zulie
Name: Zulie
Age: 1 Month
Gender: Female
Rank: D
Appearance: Zulie is a small three inch baby fruit bat, however due to the unique species variant was known by many as a, "Kite," massive bats that frequent jungles of the world. Zulie is a pitch black with a large patch of gold fur racing down her spine but wraps around her neck until it crawls up under her jaw.

Background: There isn't much to the Kite pup save for a group of bandits that hunted the car-sized bats for their pursuit of riches. Kites were literal beasts in the jungle however only ate fruit and were quite docile but remained hidden. Because of the scarcity of their numbers and the for their extremely soft pelts Kites were voraciously hunted to near extinction. Zulie's mother and her siblings were slaughtered, Zulie taken to only be grown for her fur later on. She was however rescued by one Alphine Tempest during a raid on a bandit fort and since has been in the Ninja's care.

Specialties: N/A
Chakra: E
Stamina: E
Strength: E
Speed: C
Health: E
Instinct: E

Jutsu: N/A
Group or Character Tied?: Alphine Tempest
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PostSubject: Re: Zulie the Kite (Pet Registration)   Zulie the Kite (Pet Registration) Icon_minitimeThu Jan 23, 2020 12:46 pm
Zulie the Kite (Pet Registration) APPROVED
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Zulie the Kite (Pet Registration)

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