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Clan Name: └Konowari Clan┘ Is a Hiden clan which originates from the village of Sunagakure. They specialize in both Genjutsu, and Wind Release, known for creating compressed explosions of air to blow away their trapped enemies.


Recognizing a Konowari clan member is quite simple due to their silver hair in men and white hair in the women. Established in the arid desert, most members of this clan are brown skinned though lighter skinned members do also manifest. They typically wear the standard Sunagakure flak jacket with their clan symbol embroidered in the center. They also have their own custom white flak jacket which is typically worn with a dark navy blue robe which has a hood attached.


The Konowari clan was founded in the desert regions of what is now known as Sungakure. They began as two separate factions, one having an innate sense of illusions with an affinity for the Yin Release, and the other with destructively powerful Wind Release techniques. Both factions were desert dwellers, and managed to survive in this harsh environment by adapting to the arid climate. Relations between the two factions started off rocky, as they would frequently enter into conflict with one another. That was until the Invasion of Foreign Assets, an event known by all from the Konowari which consisted of several high profile clan’s seeking new land to call their own. The only trouble with this is their infringement upon the land already possessed by these desert dwellers. Before the founding of Sunagakure this great event took place, and would forever alter the relationship of these two factions. Once at constant war with one another, and now united against a common foe. One faction which consisted of the Yin Release users were led by a women Metsumi Kono. The other faction of Wind users conversely were led by a man named Metsuki Wari. After countless battles with one another Metsumi held a private meeting with Metsuki, and the two ended up falling in love with one another. Hesitant to break the news, and privately having an affair, the two factions were forced to fight side by side for the sake of survival but only on the battlefield. This instance is when the desert dwellers were attacked by the Uchiha.

Metsuki rallied his faction in this bloody engagement. The two sides all stood in formation staring each other down in the bitterness of the arid desert. A staring contest is what the Uchiha prided themselves on the most, and Metsuki’s naïve sense of judgment rendered his faction utterly defeated. Genjutsu was something Metsuki was quite familiar with dealing with his counterpart Metsumi, however he did not possess the mastery at which her faction did. The Sharingan had rendered the majority of Metsuki’s faction under the mercy of the Uchiha clan, and just as they were about to be massacred completely, Metsumi and her forces arrived to save them from utter annihilation. Something along the lines of if we didn’t have you, we would have no one to pummel into the sand was spoken from her mouth as she proceeded to release the members trapped with Genjutsu using her own abilities. A coalition was formed during this battle which quite literally gave birth to the Konowari clan. With the provided advantage in Genjutsu, and the overpowering Wind affinity they were able to route the enemy forces and protect what was theirs.

After forming this coalition Metsuki, and Metsumi were married with all of their clan present. The bloody history between the two factions were amended by this one stroke of love. Both would become the respective leaders of the Konowari clan, establishing a monarchy rather than democracy. Only those who are descended from those two can become clan leaders or hold any position of power. As far as religion is concerned Konowari has adopted the ancient wind God Vāyu, and the ancient illusion Goddess Māyā as their own. Historically Vayu and Maya are Deva’s linked to Indra as half-siblings. Together it is thought within the Konowari that their powers are derived from these Gods and that they are responsible for bringing the clan together as one. Konowari members are also capable of summoning either Elephants, Owls, or Gazelles which is derived from Vayu and Maya’s godly mounts, however are still only limited to one contract.

Ability Names: Razor Massacre, Genjutsu Field
Ability Descriptions:

└Razor Massacre Ability┘ With this power members of the Konowari clan are capable of compressing air into spheres or other shapes, to such a degree that when released it generates a powerful blast consisting of various results. To razor wind which is capable of cutting targets, strong gusts or even hurricane force winds also generates shock waves which are capable of repelling targets and projectile attacks. When techniques are utilized with the use of this ability it is +1 Rank against other Wind Release techniques. The range, power, and specific effects of this ability depends on the technique used.

└Genjutsu Field┘ Members of the Konowari clan have a keen affinity toward Yin Release as well, increasing the potency of their Genjutsu. Genjutsu used by these members are also increased by +1 Rank or +20m in distance. Rank and distance modifying effects require B-Rank upkeep per post.

Chakra Costs: Genjutsu Field requires B-Rank upkeep per post
Requirements: Wind Release as only Element
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Konowari Clan

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